Lost World Adventures Values and Responsibility

At Lost World Adventures, we have three key areas of value on which we take a lot of pride. 


1) Accountability - Don't worry about each individual transfer, hotel and travel tour or experience!  By having one travel professional to oversee all the logistics and minute details of getting you from point A through Z, you know you are in good hands with someone who understands you and has your back throughout the trip with 24/7 support.  Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, but knowing you have someone who understands you and your expectations and is by your side throughout the travel planning process and trip duration is invaluable both for the time saved and the peace of mind. 


2) Creative experiences and trusted partnerships - We strive to recommend out-of-the-box experiences and a wide variety of unique and customizable experiences.  We do this by spending a lot of time in the areas of our expertise, visiting in-person and vetting our recommendations. We know how many travel reviews, reports, and opinions are out there. We have read them and then we visited and came up with our own opinions. Everyone at Lost World Adventures lives, eats and breathes travel, and our TrustPilot and Zicasso travel reviews reflect our passion and success here.  Let us plan your trip while you focus on your life, work, family, and where you want to go next! 

We also spend a great deal of time with our local-area partners and guides, ensuring they understand our clients interests and needs, translating materials, and also assisting them, where we can, with tour development in some of these more remote areas that may be newer to tourism and, specifically, the US market tourism.  


3) Travel responsibly - Lost World Adventures strives to accommodate all of our global travelers in a socially and environmentally conscious way. We are members of the Galapagos Conservancy, IGOTA, Sustainable Travel International, Responsible Travel, the International Ecotourism Society, and IGLTA. Many of our destinations and experiences were chosen because they positively impact the environment and preservation of ecology through localized efforts. 


Travel Tips
Some hotels will let you use their facilities (gym, spa, pool, beach, etc.) for a reduced day pass. This can be great for layovers!
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