Lost World Adventures' Salt Water Aquarium

We love our 300 gallon saltwater tank!   There is always something fishy going on here to keep us entertained. 

(If the tank is dark then shhh, we are sleeping).


Some of the tank dwellers include Stocky Anthias,  Bartlett's Anthias, Yellow finned fairy Wrasse, Longnosed Hawkfish, Flame Hawkfish, Firefish Goby, Purple Firefish Goby, Black Damsel, Yellow Tang, Barred Goby, Blue Spot Goby, Skooter Blenny, Fox Face, Blue Green Chromis, African Cleaner Wrasse, Black Sailfin Blenny, Purple Dottyback, Spotted Mandarin Goby, Lawnmover Blenny, Orange Shoulder Tang, Blue Regal Tang, Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, Melanarus Wrasse, and a couple of clown fish.


Our tank is also home to hundreds of hermit crabs and snails, as well as cleaner and coral banded shrimp, clams and an anenome.  


We also have many hard and soft corals thriving. 

Travel Tips
Pack as little as possible and wear layers when travelling.
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