Garrett Korn



"Security is mostly a superstition... Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing" - Helen Keller


Whether it require a 2 hour drive to the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or a red eye flight to South America, I am always in search of new, fresh adventure, both near and far.  Traveling has been part of my goals and ambitions since I can remember. If I am not currently on a trip, I am planning the next one, so it is only natural that I began a career in the travel industry. Since joining Lost World Adventures in 2014 I have had some incredible opportunities exploring Latin America, such as hiking the peaks of Machu Picchu, mountain biking through Cotopaxi Volcano National Park, and finding myself face to face with great white sharks off of the coast of Mexico (in a diving cage of course)I believe that these type of experiences become even more substantial when they are shared, which is why I love my work at Lost World Adventures. I am a Travel Consultant at Lost World Adventures, so not only, do I get to go on life changing trips, but I get to then talk about them and suggest itineraries to people in search of adventure. Not a bad gig right? This is how I spend my days at Lost World Adventures. Well that, as well as web marketing, operation support and occasional fish feeding.

Outside of work, I enjoy the abundant activities offered by the great outdoors, including hiking, biking, kayaking, and team sports such as volleyball. Did I mention food? I would be lying if I said trying fresh Ceviche on the coast in Lima wasn’t one of the more profound travel experiences that I have ever had. A scenic and strenuous hike, followed by a delightful meal of local cuisine…yeah that would be my perfect day.


Keep a copy of your passport with you in a secure place. If you do lose your passport it will be a lot easier to retrieve your information if you have this handy.
Favorite Place

Machu Picchu

Nothing quite compares to the first time I saw Machu Picchu, after a full day of hiking , to see the peaks of Machu Picchu, and the incredibly intricate ruins, was a magical experience. I must have seen it a thousand times on postcards and websites, but to see it with my own eyes was absolutely breathtaking.
Most Memorable

Jungle, Highlands And Islands

The most memorable experience from this trip was snorkeling and coming face to face with a Sea Lion. We had a stare off that seemed like an eternity, and then the sea lion playfully blew bubbles towards me, did a graceful back flip and then swam away, leaving me floating in utter disbelief. Another memorable moment from this trip was mountain biking around Cotopaxi. The scenery is beautiful, and the bike trails led to some adrenaline pumping fun.
Signature Itinerary

Peru Active Adventure

There is so much for the outdoor enthusiast in Peru. This trip combines rafting, mountain biking and hiking in the Sacred Valley region, which is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful regions in South America. A hike on the Inca Trail, will offer you beautiful scenery, interesting ruins, and the grand finale of Machu Picchu.
Travel Tips
Memorize your passport number, as you will likely be asked for it on numerous occasions throughout your adventure.
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