Garvey McDevitt


I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different - Kurt Vonnegut


Garvey began working at Lost World Adventures in 1996 as their Operations Manager. Other positions have included consulting with direct clients and travel agents, planning and designing customized itineraries. He is currently gaining experience writing blogs, editing content, adding flawed code and blurry images to the Lost World website. He began years of vagabond globetrotting in the late-1980's alternating seasonal jobs as a line cook with 6-month trips to Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, Mexico, China and Tibet. For over twenty years with Lost World he has traveled to most of Latin America from Mexico to Chile and Argentina (only El Salvador, Brazil, Paraguay and the Guianas have been left unscathed).

Roughing it, rolling with the punches and unwittingly finding off-the-beaten-path destinations are my specialty. In search of places without Lonely Planet guidebooks, embracing long airport layovers and uncomfortable overland journeys. The harder the journey, the greater the reward (and the longer the shower). 


Never has air travel been better - safer, more convenient and comfortable. Enjoy your flight.
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When renting a car, inspect the vehicle with the sales rep and document with photos any dents, dings, or damages prior to leaving the rental company to avoid any back and forth on its return.
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