Huemules Patagonia Dome Lodge , Argentina

Huemules provides a complete and unique experience to live the Patagonian Nature.

Huemules features dome lodging that was designed to allow maximum privacy. All guests have their own private deck with open views from the room.

Estancia Huemules Located a few kilometers from the city of Esquel, with 7 weekly flights and 300 km from Bariloche, with more than 15 daily flights.

During the day, meals are the perfect break to regain energy after all the exciting nature based activities, a pause to relax and enjoy delightful local flavors surrounded by panoramic views.

At night, it’s time to celebrate, the celebration of the fabulous day we spent outdoors horseback riding, walking or biking. For dinner we’ll delight our taste buds with the finest local dishes: Patagonian beef, lamb and trout, sweet and sour flavors combining berries, mushrooms and local vegetables, paired with the best Patagonian wines and beers, will be served to celebrate the end of the day.

Huemules Patagonia Activities

Summer activities are horseback riding, trekking and mountain biking - and winter activites include snowshoeing and ski touring.

Rooms are surrounded by nature. The unique experience of sleeping in the forest implies feeling how the wind caresses the lenga tree branches, hearing the birds warble and the water flowing in the creek.


Huemules Patagonia Dome Lodge


Huemules Patagonia Dome Lodge


Huemules Patagonia Dome Lodge





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