Hosteria Isla Victoria Lodge , Argentina

Hosteria Isla Victoria Lodge is an all-inclusive experience in the heart of Argentine Patagonia.

The journey begins at Tunquelén port. This is the first contact the traveler has with the mysterious and impressive Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Hosteria Isla Victoria is built in a very special location, an island half the size of Manhattan. Alone in the immensity of the landscape the lodge dominates the entrance of Anchorena Bay from the top of a cliff. The bay’s water has an incredible deep blue colour that can be seen from many of the rooms. When looking up the view gets lost beyond an endless landscape of mountains.

Hosteria Isla Victoria Lodge - Isla Victoria, Argentina

When arriving to the private pier at “Playa del Toro”, the lodge built at the top of a cliff becomes the center of attention. Once in land, the island makes you feel the urge to go up and meet the lodge, to enter through its wide front desk, visit its spacious living-rooms and go out onto the amazing terrace.

The facilities include a hydromassage overlooking the wood, an outdoor swimming pool and a library. An excellent collection of wines of Argentine labels are protected by a stone cellar. Selected wines are paired with dishes from our prestigious kitchen.

Isla Victoria Lodge Dining

The restaurant offers a varied seasonal menu, which chooses and combines the best regional products in a Mediterranean way.

The “Cava” (cellar) that stores the best Argentine wines and the library which is in turn the music room are in the basement. Facing the forest, you will find the outdoor heated swimming-pool, the large whirlpool bath, the relaxation room, the Scottish shower and the sauna.

Staying at Hostería Isla Victoria is an invitation to explore the unpopulated and wild island, either on foot, by bike, horse or kayak. Local guides organize tailored daily explorations to its different geographies.

Hosteria Isla Victoria Lodge

The Lodge has 20 rooms and 2 suites. All of them are spacious, comfortable and full of light, with a view to the amazing landscapes of the forest and the Andes Mountains. Rooms do not have telephones, TV, or any other electrical device.

Isla Victoria Lodge Rooms:

Isla Victoria Lodge Rooms
Isla Victoria Lodge Rooms

Isla Victoria Lodge

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