Patagonia River Ranch , Argentina

Patagonia River Ranch is a world-class fly fishing guest ranch nestled on the banks of the legendary Chimehuin River and only 30 minutes from the resort town of San Martin de los Andes and the airport.

Our location is in the center of the 8 most productive rivers in Northern Patagonia. This provides our guests a unique opportunity to fish up to 6 different rivers during their stay, while unpacking their bags only once.

We take only 18 guests per week. Accommodations are in 7 spacious, well-appointed guest suites in the main lodge and 2 cottages, each with views of the surrounding river valley.

Patagonia River Ranch - San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

The native rock and timber lodge provides guests with an intimate and unique setting from which to experience the surrounding ranch environment. Furnishings and decor are modeled after the classic fly fishing lodges of generations past, while providing luxuries and comforts not often found in fishing lodges around the world. This includes two chefs and a fully-accredited sommelier, a wine cellar with the finest wines from Argentina and Chile, L’Occitane bath and body products and 500 thread-count sheets.

Throughout the property there are over 4,000 rose bushes, organic vegetable gardens, lavender fields, plus an orchard and berry patch. Numerous walking paths take you along well-marked trails and tree-lined ranch roads.

The typical guest stay is 6 days / 7 nights, arriving and departing on Saturdays. You will unpack your bags one time, then settle in and enjoy the ranch and the casually elegant guest lodge.

Patagonia River Ranch

You will have the opportunity to fish up to 6 different rivers during your 6-day stay, then return to the ranch at the end of each day. Our central location on the banks of the Rio Chimehuin gives us easy access to all of the famous rivers of Northern Patagonia, which includes: the Chimehuin, Caleufu, Collon Cura, Alumine, Malleo, Quemquemtreu and the Quilquihue.

Furthermore, whatever the conditions, we have the flexibility, equipment and experience to put you on the rivers that are fishing best during your visit. From a trout fishing standpoint, it’s difficult to imagine a more ideal location for offering an amazing and diverse fishing experience.

Patagonia River Ranch

Our 9-person, all-Argentine guide staff are all professional guides who work exclusively for us. They’ve grown up fishing the native waters and know these rivers intimately. They all speak excellent English and are experienced fly fishing instructors.

This means that if you’re a beginner, your guide will teach you to enjoy the sport and art of fly fishing, while catching fish at the same time. For more advanced anglers, you’ll get pointers on how to read the gin-clear rivers and catch more (and bigger!) fish. And a word about our German Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout… these are super strong fish. Once you hook into your first trout, you’ll see what we mean!


We are proud to provide top quality boats, trucks, trailers, tackle and other essentials that make executing our diverse fishing program easy and comfortable for our guests. We offer both float fishing and wade fishing, though for the most successful wading, the boats are used to reach places that would be impossible to access otherwise. All fishing gear is included in the standard rate.

Patagonia River Ranch Rooms:

Patagonia River Ranch Rooms
Patagonia River Ranch Rooms
Patagonia River Ranch Rooms
Patagonia River Ranch Rooms
  • Patagonia River Ranch Activities:
  • For the non-fishing guests (or the anglers needing to give their casting arms a well-deserved rest), we offer many alternative activities at no additional cost. Our full-time ranch hosts will facilitate and accompany guests on all non-fishing activities.
  • Patagonia River Ranch Activities

  • Guided horseback riding at the Ranch and nearby estancia in Lanin National Park
  • Guided hiking and mountain biking.
  • Day cruise trips on Lago Lacar (a beautiful, large and pristine lake near San Martin de los Andes)
  • Guided lake kayaking
  • Shopping and guided tours of local artisans and artists near San Martin de los Andes
  • Guided day trips driving into the mountainous area along the Andes range to view the rainforest terrain, lakes and majestic vistas of Patagonia
  • Guided trips where photography of wildlife / birdlife is the focus
  • Authentic Argentine cooking classes with master chef, Claudio
  • Guided stargazing and astrophotography with our state-of-the-art telescope
  • Garden tours through the rose gardens, organic vegetable gardens, orchards and lavender fields at the ranch
  • Total relaxation in the quiet ambiance of a comfy hammock in many locations of the ranch

Patagonia River Ranch

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