Península Petit Hotel , Argentina

We invite you to meet with us and enjoy our “place in the world”, Bariloche, Patagonia.

In our small and friendly hotel by the lake Nahuel Huapi, we will provide you a family care and friendly atmosphere to make you feel at home, but with the addition of enjoying the amenities of a hotel for an unforgettable vacation.

Peninsula Petit work every day to offer our guests a different way to live and know Bariloche, covering all the splendor of our city and mainly enjoying “being in nature” all day.

Wake up with the singing of mandolins, feel the wind whistling in the tops of trees, spotted trout jumping for food in a calm dawn. The most beautiful sunsets behind the Cerro Lopez, or marvel at the sky on a starry night, are just some of the experiences ecstasies every day and we invite you to experience for visitors to our house.

Península Petit Hotel is located in San Pedro Peninsula, 12 miles from Bariloche. All rooms are spacious with a spectacular view of Lake Nahuel Huapi. All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet access, plasma screen TVs, and DVD players.

Daily breakfast included.

Desde el Sur Restaurant and tea house:

We believe that each home has its own secrets to delight the family and guests every time a home cooked meal is prepared. Adopting this concept was born “Desde el Sur”, our restaurant and tea house. When was the last time you took a hot chocolate by the warmth of a fireplace? Do you remember the feeling of enjoying the aroma of a tea trapped by the words of your favorite book? Have you ever lived delighting the dilemma between continuing with your favorite dish or gaze steadily at the dark lake?



All rooms have a beautiful view of Lake Nahuel Huapi, native forest and hills López and Campanario. The Patagonian decor is complemented with art created by local artisans who give us their hand-painted murals sculptures and photographs.

Sweet Standard:

These rooms have an approximate size of 18 m2, and has a beautiful view of Lake Nahuel Huapi and the Native Forest.


Sweet Superior:

These rooms have an approximate size of 22 m2, and have a beautiful view of Lake Nahuel Huapi.



Península Petit Hotel

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