Tipiliuke Lodge , Argentina

Tipiliuke Lodge was discovered as one of the world’s premier fly fishing operations in Patagonia over 20 years ago.

Since then, it has become famous for its incredible service, attention to the smallest detail, and luxury in a breathtaking setting.

Located just minutes from the airport of San Martín De Los Andes (Chapelco - Patagonia), Tipiliuke lodge is located in the heart of a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch. Tipiliuke offers just 9 rooms allowing for the staff to provide very personalized service with exceptional attention to detail.

Tipiliuke Lodge

Fly fishing is what put Tipiliuke on the map more than 20 years ago. Considered by many to be one of the worlds’ top fly fishing destinations, Tipiliuke, in Northern Patagonia, is home to more than 17 miles of the finest trout waters on the planet (including 9 miles of the wellknown Chimehuín river).

Tipiliuke guides are the best in the business and can be found at hot spots all over the world after our local season closes. Tipiliuke was the recipient of the prestigious Sporting Classics Award of Excellence as the world’s top fishing lodge for 2011 and Lodge of the Year by Anglers Choice Awards in 2014.

Tipiliuke Lodge Fly Fishing

Tipiliuke is a place where you can also just relax and pamper yourself in order to enhance your well-being. To accomplish that you can go into the sauna room, enjoy a very relaxing massage or have a yoga session. We are lucky to have highly trained professional masseuses and yoga instructors who live and have their Practice in the neighbouring town of San Martin de los Andes and who are called on request to come to the lodge.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the lodge as well as at the outdoor sitting areas where one can take in the incredible views that make Patagonia famous. In the evenings, while enjoying one of their famous Malbecs, guests can gather around the fire under the Southern Cross.

Guests can enjoy the large wood burning sauna and massage room to enhance their relaxing holidays . Luxuriously appointed rooms and refined authentic cuisine round up the Tipiliuke experience.

Tipiliuke Lodge Rooms:

Tipiliuke Lodge Rooms
Tipiliuke Lodge Rooms
Tipiliuke Lodge Rooms
Tipiliuke Lodge Rooms



Tipiliuke Lodge

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