Estancia La Bandada , Argentina

Estancia La Bandada is a 250 acres fully working farm just one hour and a half from Buenos Aires, Argentina and less than one hour from the International Airport Ministro Pistarini.

Lagoons, ponds and streams cross the area and are home to many birds and animals that give life to this exclusive spot.

La Bandada is located in the Argentine pampas (grasslands), 90 km from Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE). The estancia has 7 rooms in a spacious house in colonial style and we offer a full-board accommodation program with guided activities. It is an ideal place to rest and learn about traditional Argentine country life at one's own pace.

Estancia La Bandada  - San Miguel del Monte, Argentina

Staying at La Bandada is a peaceful and refreshing experience. There are many activities to do while mind and body rests.

Horseback riding through the cattle pastures, walks through the centennial tree garden, swim during the afternoon in the outdoor pool, polo day, walking tour to the nearby town of San Miguel del Monte and afternoon reading in the cool veranda.

Estancia La Bandada

La Bandada was recently redecorated in order to maintain the colonial style as a boutique hotel. Guests will have the feeling of living in this private estancia just as in the days of the Colorados del Monte.

Right from your window you will enjoy the Pampa’s environment.

From the smell of the flowers of jazmines climbing the columns of the galleries, to nesting birds singing for food, a horse neighing at a distance, the sight of an open park home to centennial trees ... nature is just there to be discovered.

Estancia La Bandada

All the food grown at the estancia will eventually go through Mariana’s hands: from fresh vegetables to make salads to fruits that will be converted into your breakfast’s jam.

All dishes include seasonal vegetables from the orchard, which can actually be collected by yourself.

Estancia La Bandada Dining

The house is surrounded by a park of 10 hectares, full of a variety of very old trees, including centenarian platanus, oak trees, acacias, pines, Chilean myrtles, laureles, and casuarinas.

It is very pleasant to go for a walk around the park, visit the orchard, the hen houses, the goats, the horses and other farm animals. From the shadows of the trees to the open pampas near the orchard, there is a beautiful path to travel through while you get wrapped by the essence of local nature, its smells, its sights, and its sounds.


Big windows overview the park and the pool, and are connected with a large gallery with columns, full of climbing jazmines.

The house has 7 guest rooms with a variety of layouts. it has three private suites and two apartments with two bedrooms and a bathroom each. The total occupancy can be up to 14 people.

Estancia La Bandada Rooms:

Estancia La Bandada Rooms

Las Garzas

Two double rooms with a private living room and bathroom. Ideal for families and friends travelling together.

Estancia La Bandada Rooms


A very spacious room with big windows and a cozy private gallery and fireplace.

Estancia La Bandada Rooms

Las Tijeretas

Two double rooms with a private living room and bathroom. Ideal for families and friends travelling together.

Estancia La Bandada Rooms


A double room with private bathroom. A hall precedes the room decorated in a classic style.

Estancia La Bandada Rooms


The biggest room, the bed is super king size, and looks to a warm fireplace. The room combines classic furnishing with modern metal sculptures, giving the place a sense of eclecticism.


Estancia La Bandada

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