Eolo Lodge , Argentina

Located 30 minutes from El Calafate, on the way to Perito Moreno Glacier, Eolo is strategically located in La Anita Valley, on the eastern side of Mount Frías.

The hotel is conveniently located halfway between the city of El Calafate and Los Glaciares National Park, yet far from the commotion of the tourist activity in the area.

The 10,000 acres property is a paradise for horseback riding, mountain bike rides, trekking, bird watching and, of course, to fully enjoy the subtle elegance of the installations. It stretches over a 3,000 hectare property. From Eolo's ample and comfortable facilities, which evoke an authentic Patagonian "estancia", one can observe Lago Argentino towards the north, La Anita Valley towards the east, and the Torres del Paine and the Rico branch of the same lake towards the south.


Facilities include 17 suites with different views of the Lago Argentino, La Anita Valley, the Torres del Paine or the Rico branch; main living room, overlooking La Anita Valley; bar and restaurant overlooking Lago Argentino; library overlooking Torres del Paine; TV room overlooking Lago Argentino; indoor swimming pool and sauna.

The guest rooms have telephone, WiFi, central heating - which may be set at individual preference - and a full set of amenities. The rooms do not have a TV. EOLO aims to foment a dialogue between visitors and their surroundings so instead of a TV screen, guests will find cozy couches set in front of large windows with a view that is a true feast for the eyes.


Eolo Lodge

Superior Room

Lake, steppe and/or cordillera views. Twelve rooms, each with its unique decoration, of which 2 allow an extra bed and triple occupancy. The average surface of each room is 400 square feet.

Eolo Lodge

Premium Room

In addition to the outside window - also present in the Superior category - these rooms have a second window with a view to the hotel's garden. There are three of these, each decorated differently.

Eolo Lodge

Corner Room

These rooms have a double window in the corner which allows the immensity of the scenery to subtly become part of the room. It is the highest category and there are only two of these rooms in the hotel.



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Eolo Lodge

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