Las Dunas Hosteria , Argentina

Built following typical Patagonic architecture, you will find a warm and cozy environment where wooden, iron and leather details predominate.

Located 2.5 kilometers from El Calafate, Hosteria Las Dunas provides you with a chance to live an unforgettable experience of peace and contact with the surrounding nature.

Las Dunas gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience of tranquility and to experience full contact with natural environment that surrounds the area. Las Dunas Hotel offers close contact with nature. The flora and wild birds surrounding usaccompany you at every moment. You will be able to enjoy excellent Patagonian gastronomy and service that is characteristic of the highest standards of quality and dedication.


Las Dunas Hotel

Southern Wing Single or Double

Las Dunas Hotel

Southern Wing Suite


Las Dunas Hotel

Northern Wing Single or Double

Las Dunas Hotel

Northern Wing Triple



Las Dunas Hosteria

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