Estancia Rincon del Socorro , Argentina

The Rincón del Socorro Lodge is a 12,000-hectare former cattle ranch located on the edge of the Iberá wetlands in Argentina that has been made into a nature reserve.

The main house at Rincón del Socorro has a large indoor living room, a screened veranda living room, a large indoor dining room, a terrace dining area, and a children's game room.

On the grounds are a swimming pool, a screened barbecue house, and a barn with tack room from which all rides depart. Meals are prepared mostly with organic fruit and vegetables, most from the kitchen garden. Meat is all free-range. The main house is equipped with a professional kitchen and offers full bar service.

Estancia Rincon del Socorro - Corrientes, Argentina

When the weather is good, lunch and dinner can be served outdoors. Once settled you will take a walk around the main house and its surroundings, to get to know a little more about the history of the place and the recovery of the environment that takes place in Ibera.

Activities include: Wildlife spotting, day and night outings, boat and canoe trips on the Iberá Lagoon, horseback riding, nature walks, bird watching (over 350 species, some endangered), cattle roundups at the nearby Estancia Ibera.

Rincón del Socorro Horseback Riding

This is ideal horseback riding country and guests are encouraged to give it a try even if they're not seasoned riders.

From the saddle you can see lots of wildlife; riding is the quickest, easiest and most pleasant way to get to know this ecosystem. The horses are well-behaved and the guides competent and accommodating.

Rincón del Socorro Capybara

Rincón del Socorro is an excellent place for birding If you are not already a birdwatcher it is very easy to become one here! In the four different habitats of this large former ranch, you can see an amazing number of different types of birds in a short time, including endangered species from the surrounding region that have found shelter here.

You will learn about their behavior, habitats, migrations, and the problems caused by the degradation of their environment.

The Estancia offers boat trips. Groups are small (no more than six people); if necessary there may be several trips per day. Most guests prefer to make these trips in the early morning or early evening, when you can spot more wildlife.

Rincón del Socorro Ibera Wetlands Sunset

The boat ride takes 1½ hours, depending on conditions and guests' preferences. After a morning outing, a barbecue lunch is served in the beautiful hut beside the boat dock, weather permitting.

Good wildlife watching is possible right by the barbecue area for those who would rather relax there and wait for the others to return.


Guided or self-guided nature walks around the estancia are easy and you don't have to go far to see a lot of wildlife. Day hikes on easy to follow dirt roads and trails will take visitors by many different creatures and, if ones gets lucky, maybe see the illusive Maned Wolf!

Go in the early evenings and you'll be surrounded by resident birds returning to sleep for the night. Go on a night excursion and see hundreds of masked vizcachas come alive once the sun goes down. All meals and activities are included.

Rincón del Socorro Rooms:

The Rincón del Socorro has six rooms in the main house and three small bungalows within 50 meters of the main house, all with private bathrooms and most with sitting rooms.

Rincón del Socorro Rooms

  • Rincón del Socorro Activities:
  • Rincón del Socorro Activities

  • Birdwatching
    Socorro offers a unique opportunity to see such rare species as the strange-tailed tyrant, the yellow cardinal, the crowned eagle, and the jabiru stork, besides a great variety of birds of grassland, forest and wetlands.

  • Wildlife Watching
    The inn is surrounded by rheas, foxes, capybaras, brocket deer, marsh deer, viscachas, and other animals, thanks to which in Socorro you can enjoy the fauna during the whole stay.

  • Hiking
    Guided or alone, by various paths where you can easily see abundant wildlife, which is especially habituated to people thanks to years of protection.

  • Horseback Riding
    Riding on horseback you can tour the high grasslands and the coast of the estuary, where you can appreciate different landscapes in excellent state of conservation, and abundant wildlife.

  • Cycling
    Rincón del Socorro has gravel and short grass roads that can easily be cycled. You can even reach the shore of the marshlands by bicycle.

  • Boat Trips
    You can navigate the Iberá lagoon, and enjoy nearby the “embalsados” (compacted floating vegetation), caimans, marsh deer, and a spectacular variety of birds.

  • Night Safaris
    Where it is possible to see viscachas, owls, wild cats, and even be surprised by an elegant maned wolf. On clear nights, the Milky Way is seen with special clarity thanks to the absence of lights and clean air.

  • Cultural Visits
    In the nearby Uguay spot you can share mates and fried dough with the locals, learn about their traditional way of life, and observe local crafts and fabrics.

  • Rewilding Project
    Socorro is the main operational center of the project. Through videos and talks with biologists and technicians of the CLT team, it is possible to experience the history of the reintroduction in Iberá.

  • Sunset in the Estuary
    The sunsets in Iberá are special. When the sky is not tinged with intense orange and lilac, the dense clouds threaten with rain and ignite a warm light of charm.


Rincon del Socorro

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