Awasi Iguazu , Argentina

Awasi’s new 14-room lodge, the Awasi Iguazu, is located just 15 minutes from the world’s largest waterfalls

Situated on the banks of the River Iguazú, each villa is assigned with a private guide and 4WD, allowing guests to explore at their own pace, visiting where they want, when they want, and for however long they want.

Built on stilts for minimal environmental impact, the 14 villas are spread throughout the jungle, each positioned for utmost privacy but within easy distance of the main lodge. There are 13 standard villas, and 1 master villa. Each villa has a private plunge pool, outdoor shower and spacious living area.

Awasi Iguazu

The interiors feature traditional textiles and baskets woven by the indigenous Guarani people, who still inhabit the region and are our neighbours.

More than 400 species of birds, many of them endemic. Orchids and ferns, unique to the Atlantic Rainforest. Tapirs, Capuchin monkeys and puma. Jungle trails encompassing endangered trees. Crystal clear pools, only reachable by boat. Archaeological Jesuit ruins. Local Guarani tribes who practice ancient artisan crafts and know more about the rainforest than anyone else.


The master villa has a larger plunge pool and living room allowing plenty of space for two couples or families. With the perfect mix of privacy in your villa, along with the opportunity to socialise at the bar and restaurant in the main lodge, Awasi Iguazú is the perfect place to enjoy the very best of the Misiónes Province.


Awasi Iguazu Villas
Awasi Iguazu Villas
Awasi Iguazu Villas
Awasi Iguazu Villas

Private guides and team of biologists

Awasi Iguazu Guides

Awasi Iguazu is working with renowned biologists to create a series of excursions that go beyond the falls. From landscape to history, flora and fauna, the Misiones Province is a melting pot of contrasts and diversity. Visiting archaeological sites, trekking through the jungle, bird watching, taking a boat ride for a sunset picnic… and this is just a dip of your toe into the potential of the area.



Awasi Iguazu

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