Yacutinga Lodge , Argentina

Yacutinga Lodge is a hidden haven for nature lovers in the heart of the lush Misiones jungle in Argentina.

It provides a great opportunity to enjoy and discover the Interior Atlantic Rainforest after visiting Iguazú Falls.

Two hours from the world famous Iguazú Falls, Yacutinga Lodge and it’s wild life Reserve, is located deep in the pristine part of the Misiones jungle, almost entirely surrounded by the upper Iquazú river, – the same river that curves through the National Parks of Argentina and Brazil, and continues to flow southward to form a gigantic horseshoe, that becomes the majestic waterfalls.

Yacutinga Lodge - Comandante Andresito, Argentina

At Yacutinga, the immeasurable force of nature touches the tourists that come together from around the world with the expectation of seeing the miracle of life itself. Delight, respect, admiration, and a strong magical feeling that leaves you wordless, is repeated with each experience.

Amongst the green, the lodge is a comfortable shelter in complete harmony with the environment. The buildings, with soft, rounded lines, accompanied by natural terrain slopes, blend in perfectly with the environment.

Yacutinga Lodge Yoga

The Yoga team produces a marvellous interaction between your interior and the surrounding jungle atmosphere expanding your senses to Nature. The invitation, then, is to come to the site to learn, understand, care for and preserve the nature and its inhabitants; and thus build bridges of love and commitment.

Yacutinga Lodge hs 20 rooms with jungle view and one spectacular suite. The surrounding dense forest offers a magical environment with its shadows and reflexes. The rooms are ample, simple and homely. Immaculate clean, with a wooden heater, ventilator , private facilities , 24 hours hot water immersed in nature close to the main building. Yacutinga does not offer luxury but equilibrium and the possibility of a different experience.

Yacutinga Lodge

Accommodations consist of independent lodging modules. The rooms are dispersed throughout the forest and surround the main building from a certain distance.Each lodging module has four rooms.

All the rooms have an exclusive view to the forest. While comfortably sitting in the room porch it is common to see humming birds, several bird species and even Agouties (Dasyprocta azarae araguayensis).

Yacutinga Lodge Dining

Yacutinga Lodges’ aim is to provide the guest with a relaxed atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding environment, thus achieving an intimate contact with Misiones nature.

“Suite Yatei”, is located about 150 meters away from the main building surrounded by jungle. This room is extremely ample and comfortable, specially designed for couples with sophisticated and adventurous spirit, mornings can be cold in the forest during our winter season (June/August), therefore each room also has a woodstove, which in a way reminds us of early settlers.

Yacutinga Lodge Rooms:

Yacutinga Lodge Rooms



Yacutinga Lodge Rooms



Yacutinga Lodge Rooms



Yacutinga Lodge Rooms



  • Yacutinga Lodge Experiences:
  • Yacutinga Lodge Experiences

  • Yacutinga Experience | 2 nights
    Eco-tour to explore the most bio-diverse argentine eco system. Two overnights in the heart of the Iguassu Rainforest comfortably lodged away from massive tourism. Environmental Guides and Guarani People open their knowledge to scout you through the curiosities of this Rainforest. More than 10 miles of interpretational trails and the opportunity to paddle the Jungle waters of the exclusive Yacutinga Reserve.

  • Yacutinga Origins | 3 nights
    The northeast corner of the Misiones Province still keeps surprises of an unknown Argentina. Yacutinga added a surprising and unexpected journey to discover the farming life style of Andresito Colony to the exuberant environmental Jungle interpretation

    Pioneers of the late twentieth century came to the area with the hope of a new opportunity of living. They conquered the untamed Jungle with hard work, hope and sacrifice.

    The stories about jaguars and giant snakes, life with jungle as a neighbour, the fires, the Yerba Mate and the local culture are still nowadays a strict reflection of the tales about Horacio Quiroga.

  • Yacutinga Insight | 3 nights
    This yoga and meditation program was specially designed for encouraging the relationship between Man and Nature in an original and inspiring way. Our program was created for people who are looking for alternatives to improve their lives in a holistic way, and who are also willing to discover and enjoy Nature in an exuberant environment, full of wildlife.

    The Insight program invites us to encounter ourselves with our inner space because, when we aware of the calm that pervades nature, we are able to connect with the calm that exists within ourselves. This is a unique experience that mixes yoga and meditation, together with interpretive nature activities.

    Regarding our meals; Yacutinga´s menu is based on vegan or vegetarian food. Nutrition for us is very important since it is one of the stilts to find our interior balance. Food is prepared with love and dedication at the Lodge kitchen.

  • Yacutinga Family | 4 nights
    Undoubtedly the best Educational Program for all those who want the new generations to have a more intimate contact with Nature, know how to understand and therefore respect.

    This program has been specially designed to make children between 6 and 15 years of age discover the jungle in a dynamic, didactic and entertaining way.

    It can be applied to families interested in Ecology and the conservation of Nature as well as to small groups of students who wish to explore this type of ecosystem guided by experts, thus achieving an understanding of natural processes and their importance.


Yacutinga Lodge

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