Finca Adalgisa , Argentina

Finca Adalgisa is an early 20th century manor house and vineyard estate in the heart of the premier wine-growing region of Argentina.

It is a charming family home converted in 2001 by Gabriela Furlotti,a third generation Argentine-Italian, into the first boutique hotel and finca in Mendoza.

Although secluded and private, it is conveniently located within 20 minutes drive of Mendoza's city center and within walking distance of a thriving little community with local shops and nice restaurants, called Chacras de Coria. Guests are warmly welcomed as new friends and "our home is your home". There is a relaxing and informal environment where tours can be arranged spontaneously.

Finca Adalgisa is more than just a hotel. It’s an opportunity to discover Mendoza’s charming rural lifestyle.

Finca Adalgisa

As you relax, you’ll find much to explore right here at the Finca. Our entire staff, from the owner to the landscaping team, is friendly and keen to converse with you. You can learn about our wine, relax in our gardens, take a cooking class, help with the harvesting, meet local artists, cook with our chef and make new friends.

Just a few blocks from our front gate, the charming village of Chacras de Coria makes a great outing as well.

We invite you learn about our traditions hands-on. Join us for a typical Argentinean barbecue and try our homemade empanadas fresh out of the clay oven.

You’re invited to chat with the workers who care for the Finca’s Malbec vines and olive trees. We create our own wine and olive oil right here! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste our wine. And if you are keen to try other vintages, please let us know – we’d love to hear what you think. Don’t forget to taste the olive oil as well – we’re also very proud of it.

During your stay at the Finca, please feel free to wonder through the Old House, poke about its library and get a sense of how our family lived here in the past. We have carefully restored the house’s heritage. Our traditional gardens also make for great strolling. And you can relax at the pool, which is surrounded by the Malbec vineyard. It’s a prime place for listening to the local birds sing!


Finca Adalgisa


There are 6 Standard Rooms. 3 are located in the Old House and 3 the Stone House close to the vineyards.

Finca Adalgisa


The Suites are all located close by the vineyard and outdoor pool. Just renovated, lots of light and comfortable rooms.



Finca Adalgisa

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