La Comarca Hotel , Argentina

The La Comarca Hotel is located at the beautiful town of Purmamarca.

Purmamarca is the heart of the mythical Quebrada de Humauaca and was declared World Heritage site by UNESCO. The town is just 50 Km. away from Jujuy and 120 Km away from the city of Salta.

The singular architecture of the hotel was inspired by the region’s landscape and the culture, harmonized with the privileged natural surroundings. Its warm rooms were built with local materials, such as cactus wood, stone, hand-lipped wood, quebracho, poplar wood, reed, and clay, in a modern and uncluttered style.


The hotel consists of an open structure surrounding a central square, with a series of terraced twin rooms, cabins and houses, recreating a typical Andean hamlet. Each room is decorated with a personal touch, combining handcrafts and paintings with local artists’ vanguard designs, which creates a unique ambiance.

La Comarca’s gardens accentuate the beauty of autochthonous flora, harmonizing with the intense green of adjoining alfalfa fields and the surrounding multicolor hills. A clear stream goes through the square, filling the area wit the murmuring sounds of water.


La Comarca Hotel


La Comarca Hotel


La Comarca Hotel




La Comarca Hotel

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