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Belize Dive Haven is located in the pristine Turneffe Atoll, just 30 kilometers off shore from Belize City.

Spend your days swimming the world’s largest living reef or enjoy two enormous swimming pools with a walk/swim-up bar. Refresh your diving skills with PADI dive training and continuing education classes on site.

As part of the Belize Barrier Reef, the Atoll consists of creeks, lagoons, mangrove islands and cayes. It is home to over 500 species of fish, 65 different species of stony corals as well as birds, turtles, manatees and dolphins.

Belize Dive Haven - Turneffe Atoll, Belize

Stay just minutes away from some of the world’s best dive sites. Enjoy luxurious living while on vacation at one of Belize Dive Haven’s 96 air conditioned residences with penthouse suites available.

With the long stretch of barrier reef in one location, explore a new dive site everyday and forget the outside world as you swim among the 600 species of fish and aquatic life.

Once you arrive in Belize, our staff will be there to welcome you and take you on a boat ride to our secluded resort in the Turneffe Atoll. It’s the perfect getaway, which was once used as a hideout for pirates.

Belize Dive Haven Pool

Turneffe Atoll’s chain of islands are partially enclosed by two lagoons, the North and South Lagoon, which are dominated by seagrass beds.

The atoll’s more than 200 mangrove islands stretch over thirty miles and they’re filled with pristine fringing reef, complex channels, spits and lagoons, which serve as a spot for world class diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Belize Dive Haven - Turtle

As you near the islands, the water changes color from the deepest blue, to azure and to the palest green where clear waters lap the white coral sand beaches dotted with inviting palm trees.

You’ll be relaxing in a spot about 51 km of the coast of Belize City in an area teeming with marine life, such as colorful sponges, countless species of coral, tunicates, anemones, starfish, turtles, spectacular fish and dolphins.


When you step off onto the 500-foot dock, it will be hard to pull your eyes from the gorgeously, clear water and the adjacent coral flats.

Belize Dive Haven Rooms:

Belize Dive Haven Rooms
Belize Dive Haven Rooms
Belize Dive Haven Rooms
Belize Dive Haven Rooms
  • Belize Dive Haven: Scuba Diving Courses
  • Belize Dive Haven Scuba Diving Courses

  • Belize Dive Haven offers a range of training, from introductory programs and refresher courses, all the way to advanced certifications. All courses are offered at the resort by 5-star PADI instructors.

  • Discover Scuba Diving
    This non-certification course introduces beginners to the basics of diving and is done under the direct supervision of a professional instructor.

  • Refresher Course
    If it has been a while since your last dive, our refresher course is a way to test your skills and brush up on knowledge.

  • Open Water Certification
    Become a certified diver with our in-depth training course. Consists of an academic portion, confined water diving and open water sessions.

  • Open Water Referral
    Start your certification at home (academic and confined water diving) and complete the open water sessions at Belize Dive Haven. In order to complete the certification, you need to have your local dive shop prepare your referral paperwork.

  • E-Learning Course
    Complete the academic phase of your diving course online and finish the diving requirements at the resort.

  • Open Water Upgrade
    Advance your qualification and go from a beginner JR Open Water to Scuba Diver. Upgrade your skills to earn the Open Water Diver Certification. Includes academics, review, final exam, confined water skills and open water dives.

  • Advanced Open Water Diver
    Prerequisite: Open Water Certification. Advanced Open Water is required for many specialty dives including the Great Blue Hole. Advance your diver training and most of all, learn how to be environmentally conscious and be a safe diver to enjoy everything recreational diving has to offer. This course can be completed right at the resort in just a short time (five training dives included).

  • Nitrox Certification/Enriched Air
    Understand how to safely dive with enriched air nitrox, which reduces decompression time, especially after multiple days of repetitive diving. Stay down longer and spend less time on the surface to maximize your enjoyment while diving in Belize.

  • Rescue Diver & ERF (Emergency First Responder)
    Learn how to handle dive emergencies—both minor and major—through knowledge development and rescue exercises. You must have completed a CPR and First Aid Course in the past 24 months.

  • Divemaster Course
    Complete the first level of your professional training. Fine-tune dive skills and refine rescue expertise, so you can anticipate and solve problems. Must have completed Rescue Diver, EFR, CPR First Aid, have a valid medical statement (within the last 12 months) and 40 logged dives to start the course.

  • Belize Dive Haven also offers specialty courses for certified divers to increase their skills including deep diving, boat diving, drift diving and night diving courses. Ask about specialty course options when booking.

    Please note that diving courses are not included in the resort package price and cost will vary based on the course being taken. Please inquire about pricing at the time of booking.


Belize Dive Haven

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