Banana Bank Horses & Belize Jungle Lodge , Belize

Living and learning with horses at Banana Bank Horses & Belize Jungle Lodge in Belmopan, Belize.

Banana Bank Lodge is a popular horseback riding destination in Belize with over 35 year’s experience, 80 plus horses and they have initiated over 80,000 trail rides.

Situated on the peaceful Belize River and surrounded by many acres of natural broad-leaf/ palm forests and you will learn what to touch and what not to touch.

Banana Bank Horses and Belize Jungle Lodge - Belmopan, Belize

Banana Bank provides miles of diverse trails for riding and exploring. They focus on rubbing/ gentling young colts, the basics of “Horse Whispering” in the round pen, and jungle trail riding with some fun challenges.

Banana Bank Lodge emphasizes safety first- that your experience will provide learning and a challenge. they are prepared to help you, if your age is between 3 years and 90 years old- weigh 350 lbs or less, little experience- no experience or a good horse person- you will have a great time at Banana Bank.

Your horse vacation at Banana Bank could last for days or weeks.

Banana Bank Belize Horseback Riding

Most accommodations are decorated with Carolyn Carr art and/or stained glass made by Leisa. All standard rooms and suites are equipped with A/C for your comfort (they also have some rooms in the cabanas with A/C).

The cabanas and chalet rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and / or standing fans. There are curves and culture in every room, in fact, no two rooms are alike.

Banana Lodge Rooms:

Banana Bank Lodge Rooms

Standard Rooms

Beautiful stained glass windows and solarium bathrooms make theses all delightful places to stay. The unique use of sea shells in a bathroom mirror, Carolyn Carr art, artistic tiling, local arts and crafts, honor the Belize culture and beauty in these designer rooms.

Banana Bank Lodge Rooms


Banana Bank features delightful accommodations that blend with the jungle landscape. The five cabanas with roofs made from jungle bay leaf thatch are uniquely designed and built by Banana Bank craftsmen with fine Belizean woods they are, in themselves, works of art.

Banana Bank Lodge Rooms

Suites & A/C Cabana

The Chateau Brio also has three suites. The suites have four poster queen beds or king bed and they also have a single bed but there is room to put in an additional single bed as well. These rooms are perfect for honeymoon and romantic getaways.

Banana Bank Lodge Rooms

Chalet Rooms (Budget)

They have accommodations for budget travelers as well. Three rooms are in a two story building and each room can accommodate up to 6 people/single beds. Some rooms have a double bed. The other building has a room that is divided and each side of the room has four single beds.

  • Banana Bank Lodge Horseback Riding Experiences:
  • Banana Bank Horses and Belize Jungle Lodge Horseback Riding Experiences

  • Your Belize horseback riding vacation at Banana Bank will be unlike any other vacation you’ve had before. We offer the best horseback riding in Belize with miles of jungle trails combined with years of experience, over 90 horses on the 4000 acre property.

    Allow us to show you the thrill of riding through the tropical broad leaf forest as we point out birds, wildlife, trees and medicinal plants. Learn about the culture and the beauty of Belize. Don’t worry if you have never ridden before, we have the perfect horse for you. For experienced riders, you too don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • 2 Hour Ride
    Whether you are a guest at Banana Bank or not you can enjoy our riding experience. The 2 hour ride is a perfect length of ride for a morning or afternoon. Ride goes partially through jungle and river or creek, teak plantation and pastures.

  • All Day Ride
    The All Day Ride can either be all day on property or we go off property to Belmopan, Roaring River or Valley of Peace. Riding time is 4 – 5 hours in the saddle (if ride stays on property it can be partially done in the morning, take a break, and then continue in the afternoon). This ride is recommended for intermediate or experienced riders.

  • Night Ride
    Night rides are fantastic with or without the moon. When there is moonlight the jungle is amazing and you hardly need the headlamp. No moonlight however offers a better opportunity to see wildlife. Your senses are more alert to the jungle at night captivating your attention at every move. Ride lasts about an hour and a half. For groups of 8 or more we make a bonfire to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Great experience even if you have never been on a horse before!

  • Horse Camps
    Traditionally conducted during the summer but contact us if you have a group and we can organize anytime (except holidays). We are looking to branch out in the near future to broaden more camp opportunities for all ages and interests.

  • Specialty Groups
    Saddle clubs, workshops, student groups, agriculture tours, educational groups, travel groups, etc. Banana Bank is centrally located and makes a perfect base for integrating horseback riding with other activities. Let us help you put together an itinerary that will allow you to enjoy horses and your travel companions. Horses bring everyone to a common perspective and the memories will last forever.

  • Extravaganza
    Want to party like a horse? Let us put together an Extravaganza you and your family and friends will never forget. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, company party, family reunion, class reunion any occasion but with horses!! We will do a demonstration of horsemanship, Pony rides, short trail rides, colors, music, food, party snacks, horse games and more.


Banana Bank Horses and Belize Jungle Lodge

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