Lamanai Outpost Lodge , Belize

Lamanai Outpost Lodge is situated in Orange Walk, Belize on the banks of a 28 mile long spring fed lagoon amid the remnants of a major Maya city.

It is surrounded by an incredible variety of habitats that facilitate unsurpassed nature-based and soft-adventure activities that depart right from your cabaña’s doorstep without the need for day-trips.

The nearest full-service lodge or hotel is over 70 miles away.

Unlike many other lodges who share the same area and attractions, Lamanai Outpost is very much in a world of its own. Whether you are exploring the Maya ruins or watching nature awaken as the sun rises over Crab-Catcher Lagoon, it is almost guaranteed that it will be just you, your guide and a few friends that you have made at the Outpost.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge - Orange Walk, Belize

At most jungle lodges the more popular activities involve what are called day-trips. In plain English this means that you spend a large portion of your day in a vehicle as you are driven to and from the desired attraction.

At Lamanai Outpost you can choose from the country’s largest range of fully guided soft-adventure experiences that start right from your cabaña’s doorstep and do not require day trips. The average guest at the Outpost embarks on two activities per each night’s stay that are included in the package price.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Be it by keeping its number of cabanas below 20 or by limiting the number of guests on a tour to between 6 and 10 participants, Lamanai Outpost Lodge is totally focused upon the quality of your jungle experience. Our average activity departs with 4-6 guests.

All cabanas have been recently renovated with new bathrooms, memory foam mattresses, electronic safes, stocked refrigerators and new verandahs. 12 of the cabanas are now air-conditioned.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Lamanai Outpost is one of only a very few of Belize’s jungle lodges to have been repetitively featured on shows such as Wild Things, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic Explorer and World Gone Wild.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge Rooms:

Lamanai Outpost Lodge Rooms
Lamanai Outpost Lodge Rooms
Lamanai Outpost Lodge Rooms

Lamanai Outpost Lodge

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