Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge, a Muy'Ono Resort , Belize

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge, a Muy'Ono Resort is nestled along the banks of the Macal River in San Ignacio, Belize.

Sweet Songs is surrounded by 100 acres of lush tropical forest offering incredible wildlife and bird watching. It is home to DuPlooy's Botanic Garden, the only botanic garden in the country.

The eco-lodge provides an intimate jungle setting for families, couples, and groups looking for an active vacation. Sweet Songs is a true nature lover's paradise, perfectly located for access to the best of Belize culture and adventure.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge - San Ignacio, Belize

Ride horses to ancient Maya ruins, sunbathe on the beach, canoe on the river, see the Mayan underworld with a cave tubing excursion, or see the jungle canopy from above on a zip line tour. There's so much to see at Sweet Songs.

Sweet Songs eco-friendly riverside lodge offers 21 rooms in a combination of private and family-style accommodations, providing an intimate setting for nature lovers of all ages. The Macal River is just steps away with the best beach around, where you can swim, relax, and enjoy unlimited use of tubes and canoes.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Family Canoeing

The grounds are set on 20 acres of lush tropical vegetation.

Adjacent to the resort grounds is the 45 acre Belize Botanic Gardens, which connects to an additional 37 acres of tropical broad-leaf forest, where you'll find an extensive system of hiking trails, which continue on to destinations beyond the property, including the Maya archaeological site Xunantunich and Flour Camp Cave.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge

The engaging staff, experienced and knowledgeable tour guides, and great tasting healthy meals are just some of the reasons that make the lodge so much more than your typical corporate-style resort.

Sweet Songs truly offers accommodations for everyone. Choose the classic Casita with two queen beds in each, perfect for small families. Traveling as a couple? Choose from the Bungalow or Tree House for a romantic getaway. The multiple guest houses are great for larger families or groups traveling together.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Rooms:

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Rooms


Private Bungalows come with a king bed and a comfortable double futon for extra guests; kitchenette, private bath and deck with hammock. Your private porch is great for bird watching and just enjoying your surroundings. Sleeps up to 4 guests.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Rooms


The original rooms, set side by side in groups of three, are very spacious and comfortable. Each Casita has a bedroom with two queen beds, a private bathroom, and a screened porch with hammock. Each has hot and cold water and fans. Sleeps 1-4 guests.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Rooms

Tree House

A secluded hideaway nestled in the trees with panoramic views of the resort grounds. Private second level porch and floor level sitting area tucked below the room looks out to a very spacious and enclosed private garden area, which is all yours to enjoy. Cozy and comfortable this intimate Tree House getaway comes with a queen bed and private bathroom with shower. Sleeps up to 2 guests.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Rooms

Bungalow Deluxe

The Bungalow Deluxe, also known as the Garden House, comes with a queen bed and two comfortable double futons for extra guests. It has a private bath, full kitchen and wrap around deck. Your private porch is great for bird watching and just enjoying your surroundings. This is the perfect place to get away and relax in lush tropical surroundings. Sleeps up to 6 guests.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Rooms

Casita Deluxe

The Casita Deluxe has two rooms, a standard Casita connected to a smaller second bedroom. The larger room has 2 queen-sized beds and the smaller one has one queen bed and a comfortable double futon. Both bedrooms have a private entrance. The Casita Deluxe has a connecting bathroom with two shower heads, hot and cold water, and fans. The front porch includes a seating area and a hammock. Sleeps up to 6 guests.

  • Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Activities:
  • Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge Activities

  • With so many activities to choose from, where do you begin? You can take advantage of the Macal River right at the base of the lodge and go canoeing and tubing. You can visit some of the best Mayan Ruins in the world or explore spectacular caves while making your way through the Maya Underworld. You can set off on a birding excursion or travel on horseback across the Cayo countryside. And that's just the start.

  • Rolling down the River
    One of the best parts of Sweet Songs Lodge is the proximity to the river. Guests can take canoes right from the lodge to San Ignacio town. Add on another activity, like chocolate making or a market tour, and get the most out of your day!

  • The Mayan Civilization
    The Ancient Maya created one of the world’s great civilizations, constructing monumental astronomically-aligned ceremonial spaces within which rituals and political theater were performed. The knowledge and skills of the Maya were primarily to be found among the higher echelons of society, including the priests, nobles and the well-to-do. The peasantry lived simply on the land and did not share in the lifestyle of the city-centers.

    Archaeologists have been able to discern a pattern from these sites, which helps them in reconstructing the history of the highly creative and war-like Maya civilization. For example, it is suggested Cahal Pech, located on a hill overlooking San Ignacio Town, rose to pre-eminence during the Pre-Classic period, before eventually surrendering its dominion to Xunantunich during the classic period.

    Additionally, a recent discovery of glyphs at Caracol portrays a military victory by Caracol over Tikal, suggesting to archaeologists that for a time, Caracol was supreme in the region.

    From Sweet Songs, you can visit nearby Xunantunich and Cahal Pech; drive through the Mountain Pine Ridge on the way to Caracol, the largest site in Belize. Tikal and Yaxhá are both located a short ways into Guatemala, less than 2 hours by road from Sweet Songs and El Pilar is definitely a must see destination for birders.

  • Cave Attractions in Cayo District
    Begin your journey back through time as you enter the amazing realm of Belize's cave systems, with a chance to learn more about a mysterious ancient Maya civilization and the geological processes that shaped the region. Millions of years ago, seeping rainwater and underground rivers began etching through soft bedrock and outcrops.

    The lime-rock matrix that makes up much of the country's landmass is riddled with caves and beneath the surface can be found some of the most spectacular and extensive cave systems on the planet.

    Now you might be expecting dark and claustrophobic passageways, however you are more likely to find enormous chambers and a subterranean world that is fast becoming one of Belize's most popular attractions.

  • Birding
    The Cayo District is well known for its abundant bird life and the lodge could not be better placed for Birders with its rich mixture of habitats and equally varied avifauna. Set in secondary growth rainforest on the edge of the Macal River, the lodge offers an unparalleled opportunity to get close to forest birds.

    Each morning, the lodge sets out a tempting plate of fruit and throughout the day the birds will come in and feed just a few feet from guests at the Treehouse Bar. Early morning is best and one of our bird guides is often on hand to help with identification over tea and coffee.

    Species such as Collared Aracari, Wood Thrush, Blue-crowned Mot-mot and several tanagers are regulars at the fruit table, usually in numbers, bickering over the melon. Other visitors to the fruit include Gray Catbird, Clay-colored Robin, and the noisy Plain Chachalacas, who can also double as your daily wake-up call.

    The lodge was built on the edge of a steep incline overlooking the Macal River, and the unique wooden walkway takes you up into the canopy and amongst birds not normally encountered at ground level. The canopy walk-way extends away from the bar for over 50 meters - forest birding has never been so civilized.

  • Horseback Riding
    What better way to get around than astride one of our trusty steeds? Just kidding! They aren't really steeds, however our horses are sure-footed and anyone from beginners to experts will enjoy a leisurely ride. We recommend that you try to get in at least one good ride before leaving Belize, because there is really no better way to enjoy the Cayo country-side.

  • Explore the Jungle
    There’s so much to see in Belize. From culinary to cultural experiences, you’ll love learning about the jungles of Belize.

  • Belize Botanic Gardens
    While you are here, don't miss the opportunity to visit Belize Botanic Gardens, which consists of 45 acres of native and exotic plants. There isn't a lovelier place to stroll in the early evening or early morning hours. Winding paths through this conservation project will introduce you to some of Belize's varied habitats and to the plants that are native to these areas.

    Within Belize Botanic Gardens, you'll find the Maya Medicine Trail, Native Orchid house, the bird hide looking out over the pond, lots of tropical fruits and flowers, a Rainforest Walk, palm displays and lots more tropical splendor.

  • Hiking Around Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge
    The best hiking in Belize is in the Cayo district and Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge offers you some great hiking experiences, whether guided or on your own. There is a trail for everyone, from short and easy ones in the gardens to longer ones, including Xunantunich, a Maya archaeological site.

    If you like, take along one of our professionally trained and licensed naturalist guides. All are local Belizeans who possess a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge of past and present Belize.


Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge

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