La Paz , Bolivia

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La Paz may not be the most beautiful city in South America but it's certainly one of the most striking.

Visitors will first see the sprawling shantytowns of El Alto, slowly giving way to the sight of La Paz itself, clinging tenuously to the sides of what looks like a large gash in the earth. Nicknamed "the city that touches the clouds," La Paz was built in a canyon created by the Choqueyapu River.

Just outside of La Paz lies the eerie landscape and odd rock formations of the Valley of the Moon, the ruins of Tiwanaku (dating back to 700 CE), and the highest golf course in the world. One of the city's most famous areas is the 'witches' market,' a street of open-air vendors and shops selling a mixture of herbs, potions, amulets, and animal parts for use in the traditional rituals practiced all over Bolivia.

Panorama of Andes and La Paz

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