Hotel Rosario , Bolivia

Hotel Rosario is located within the heart of La Paz, the highest administrative capital in the world.

The indigenous cultural life passes in front of its doors and our guests can experience the local cultural at their doorstep.

Bolivian traditions, customs and the folklore of the city itself are an essential aspect of the Hotel Rosario.

This very essence of the Aymara culture has inspired the exquisite decor of the hotel and its philosophy itself is reflected in the experiences of its visitors who want to visit again and again. It is a hotel full of charm, warmth and friendship.

Located in the colonial Hotel Rosario La Paz, the Terradentro Illampu Restaurant offers an opportunity for travelers, guests and locals to gather, enjoy excellent Bolivian cuisine and sip Bolivian wine, all at a reasonable price.

Hotel Rosario - Terradentro Illampu Restaurant

In the evening, escape the bustle of the city in the candlelit dining room of the Terradentro Illampu. Our professional, multilingual servers are committed to providing our guests a special experience while our kitchen produces some of the most innovative Bolivian and international cuisine in La Paz.

The dinner menu offers a fusion of international cuisine and traditional Bolivian dishes that include our almond-crusted trout, fresh from Lake Titicaca, or grilled llama served with a creamy mushroom sauce and fresh vegetables.


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Hotel Rosario

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