Ecolodge La Estancia , Bolivia

Existing in perfect harmony with the rhythms of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia as well as the culture and heritage of the local Aymaras, Ecolodge La Estancia is a spiritual getaway at one with nature.

Located on Isla del Sol, amongst the best and most beautiful places to visit in Bolivia, our Ecolodge offers a breathtaking setting unlike any other with majestic views of the Lake and the Royal Andes Mountains.

With only 15 cottage homes built into restored agricultural terraces (tacanas), our intimate design allows for a full immersion into the natural beauty of Isla del Sol, Bolivia. In keeping with the our commitment to sustainable design, all of our cottage homes are built from local, responsibly harvested wood, stone, adobe and straw.

Ecolodge La Estancia - Isla del Sol, Bolivia

A unique solar room is constructed near each room to use passive solar energy to heat the sleeping area. Also, solar panels are utilized to warm water for your environmental convenience. All rooms also offer exceptional views of Lake Titicaca and the Andes Range.

The ecolodge was built with the idea of combining modern comfort with the traditional architectural style of the area. With a specific emphasis on protecting and preserving the environment, the cottages have been built over restored pre-Inca agricultural terraces (tacanas) which blend in well with the surrounding landscape and local architecture.

Furthermore, solar energy is used to heat the water, passive solar energy heats the cottages, native plants have been reintroduced, and waste water is treated and recycled. When planning what to see in Isla del Sol, Bolivia, it is important to remember that you are in the heart of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 3,810 meters or 12,497 feet.

Ecolodge La Estancia

Due to its rich natural influence and the nearby Andes Mountains, the region played an important role in the development of the Inca civilization.

Ecolodge La Estancia offers an array of tours and activities that will offer a fascinating glimpse of the lifestyle, culture and heritage of the local Aymaras. As you walk along the lodge’s surrounding paths and admire the landscapes, you’ll be transported to ancient times.

In addition to relaxing and enjoying the surrounding tranquility, guests may take a hiking trip to a neighboring village to learn about the customs and culture of the local Aymaras, embark on an archaeological excursion, witness a mystical ceremony or explore La Paz, Copacabana and Puno (Peru).

Ecolodge La Estancia

The 15 rooms and the suite are designed and decorated in a sustainable way and respectful with the environment. The cabins were built by members of the Aymara community of La Estancia, using wood, stones, adobe and straw from the surrounding area.

All rooms have private bathrooms, floors of black stone to accumulate heat, water recycling programs and roofing with straw. The cabins are on terraces for restored agriculture that date back to pre-Inca times. All rooms offer splendid views of Lake Titicaca and the Andes Mountains.

Ecolodge La Estancia Rooms:

Ecolodge La Estancia Rooms

Twin Room

Accommodating up to two guests, our Twin Room features a private bathroom and beautiful views of the Andes Mountains and Lake Titicaca. An extra bed can be added upon request.

Ecolodge La Estancia Rooms

Double Room

Accommodating up to two guests, our Double Room features a private bathroom and beautiful views of the Andes Mountains and Lake Titicaca.

Ecolodge La Estancia Rooms

Family Suite

The one Family Suite is equipped with either twin or matrimonial beds, features two double rooms,with a private bathroom each. A small kitchen and a living room with a fireplace complete this spacious accommodation.


Ecolodge La Estancia

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