Palacio de Sal , Bolivia

The creation of the hotel in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, was in 1998 by the wild initiative of an hidalgo man, Juan Quesada Valda, pioneer in the salt hotels worldwide.

Juan’s innovative and creative idea of building a hotel made of salt was materialized in what he called Palacio de Sal.

With unique architecture, its objective was to provide to the visitors of the salt flats a place to find a balance with nature and enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable rest. In 2004 the hotel was moved to the banks of the salt flats with the main purpose of providing a service according to the needs of customers. Since then, the exotic, modern and native are combined to create, in over 4,500 square meters, the first salt hotel in the world.


The Hotel has 30 rooms (21 twin rooms and 9 double rooms) which catch the eye because they look like igloos built with salt blocks. All our rooms have private bathroom, hot and cold water and central or electric heating.

Palacio de Sal


Palacio de Sal Hotel has 21 standard rooms where you can relax and also be surprised because the walls, beds and tables are made of salt, crowning all with a salt roof salt that surprises because of its igloo-like shape built with salt blocks.

Palacio de Sal

VIP Room

VIP Rooms have an unique beauty that stands out with its igloo shaped roofs built with salt blocks. With the comfort of first-class hotels, the rooms have private bathroom, hot and cold water and central or electric heating, combined with beds, walls and ceilings of salt.

Palacio de Sal


Spacious rooms, where you can enjoy a unique view of the Salar de Uyuni, either from the comfort of your bed or your living area, both under the amazing igloo shaped roofs built with salt blocks.



Palacio de Sal

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