Amazon Ecopark , Brazil

Conveniently located one hour from Manaus and on the Tarumã River, a tributary of the Negro River, lies the enchanting Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge.

This lodge features 70 bungalows in 22 stand-alone structures (rebuilt in brick), each with 3, 4, or 6 guest apartments and two handicap-friendly apartments complete with wheelchair ramps and safety grab bars.

A striking feature of the Amazon Ecopark is the distribution of these structures under the rainforest tree canopy. Each apartment has its own entrance from outside, a balcony, screened windows, a bathroom with an electric shower, an air-conditioner, and a mini bar.


The cuisine of the Ecopark is an attraction all on its own. The Amazon’s plenteous land provides a variety of natural ingredients and its rich indigenous culture provides the influences. Together have produced an array of unique Amazonian foods. The Ecopark perfectly captures these delicacies to provide a truly complete cultural experience. Lunch and dinner buffets are always include a choice of beef, chicken, and Amazonian fresh-water fish (tambaqui, peacock bass, arapaima, pacu, and more). Desserts are quite the treat with fresh fruits of the season—papaya, pineapple, mango, watermelon, and many more—and assorted Brazilian sweets—cupuaçu pie with Brazil nuts, cream of soursop, passion fruit or cupuaçu pudding, and much more—are offered.

This lodge operates its own transfers via a shuttle van or bus to a river pier and a regional boat to the lodge. Some guided activities offered include: a Nature Hike, a Fishing Tour, an Indigenous Culture and Ritual tour, a Monkey Forest exploration, a Visit to a Caboclo House, a Canoe at Night tour, a Sunrise Tour, a Meeting of the Waters tour, and an Interact with Dolphins tour.


Amazon Ecopark


Amazon Ecopark


Amazon Ecopark

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Amazon Ecopark

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