Cristalino Lodge , Brazil

The Cristalino Lodge in Alta Floresta, Brazil is located beside the River Cristalino, within a private forest reserve in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon and the northern Pantanal region.

The lodge is committed to helping visitors to enjoy a unique experience in the Amazon rainforest, while learning about the environment and its importance to our daily lives.

It has been carefully designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding jungle, so that guests can enjoy our accommodations and community areas in an exotic yet comfortable environment that caters to their needs, with a cosy bed, refreshing baths, a soothing hammock, and every convenience close at hand.

Cristalino Lodge - Alta Floresta, Brazil

The bar, with an inviting log fire burning in the middle of its riverside deck, provides a view of the night sky full of stars, while the restaurant complements the experience by serving delicious candlelight dinners. This all adds to the exclusivity of an ecolodge that is seriously committed to the environment.

In addition to practicing responsible tourism, the hotel supports the Cristalino Foundation, an organization that is devoted to environmental education, human development, minimizing human impact on the environment and carrying out research in the region. Everything is geared towards sustainability through tourism, helping you to integrate with nature.

Cristalino Lodge

The self-service buffet style meals are an especially enjoyable feature of the Cristalino Lodge experience. Our kitchen gives preference to local products that are in season. So you can look forward to delicious Brazilian cuisine accompanied by stunning views of the forest.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and a variety of meats can be enjoyed under indirect lighting and by candlelight in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Take some time out to relax on our 144 m2 - 1,550-feet2 - floating deck on the River Cristalino, where you can enjoy some views that will take your breath away. Equipped with rocking chairs, low tables, loungers, hammocks and parasols, it is an ideal environment for enjoying the exuberance of the river under a tropical sun.

At night, a log fire in the center of the deck provides a cheerful atmosphere for observing the lush natural surroundings and star-filled sky.

Cristalino Lodge Observation Tower

The guides are all nature lovers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and respect for the Amazon. We feel that a happy and positive experience with us tends to deepen people's connection with nature.

The Cristalino Lodge philosophy of hospitality starts with the choice of modern architecture that uses space in harmony with nature, creating an atmosphere of comfort, sophistication and well-being.


24-hours a day, we take great care over the minimal details, from the welcome upon arrival to lovely candlelight dinners, the bar service, the open fire, all the activities in the forest, and in the well-kept gardens.

Cristalino Lodge Rooms:

Cristalino Lodge Rooms

Standard Rooms

This accommodation contains two or three comfortable beds, a private bathroom and a ceiling fan. The decor is not as sophisticated as that of the premier rooms or bungalows, but the rooms are decorated with local handicrafts.

Cristalino Lodge Rooms

Superior Room

This accommodation contains two comfortable beds, a spacious bathroom with a shower, a writing desk, ceiling fan, WiFi internet, armchairs, 110V electricity sockets, an additional outside shower in a private garden, and a veranda with a hammock.

Cristalino Lodge Rooms

Junior Bungalow

This accommodation has its own private veranda with wooden benches and a large pivoting door that provides harmonious integration between the external and internal areas. There is the option of three comfortable single beds or one king size bed (according to preference) and there are modern style armchairs and chairs and a reading desk looking out into the forest.

Cristalino Lodge Rooms


This accommodation contains two comfortable beds, an ante-room with two sofa beds, a spacious bathroom with a shower, ceiling fan, WiFi internet, armchairs with footrests, 110V electricity sockets, an additional outside shower in a private garden, and a veranda with a hammock.The suite occupies an entire bungalow, which is inserted separately within the native forest of the hotel’s grounds, ensuring the privacy of guests.

Cristalino Lodge Rooms

Special Bungalow

This accommodation contains two comfortable beds, an ante-room with two sofa beds, a spacious bathroom with hot water shower, ceiling fan, armchairs with footrests, 110V electrical sockets, an ample outside bathtub in a private garden, outside shower and a veranda with a hammock. The suite occupies an entire bungalow, which is inserted separately within the native forest of the hotel’s grounds, ensuring privacy of the guests.

  • Cristalino Lodge Activities:
  • Cristalino Lodge Activities

  • Canoeing
    The tranquil waters of the River Cristalino are perfect for canoeing, and the hotel provides comfortable safety equipment. You can often combine hikes with canoeing on a single outing.

    Moreover, the chance to glide silently along the river not only makes it easier to enjoy the scenery, but also enhances the possibility of spotting birds and monkeys, such as the capped heron (Pilherodius pileatus), tiger heron (Tigrisoma lineatum), sunbittern (Eurypyga helias), Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), kingfishers and white-whiskered spider monkeys (Ateles marginatus).

  • Trails
    Nature hikes along the 30 km (18.5 mi) of trails within the reserve, in small groups, provide an understanding of the tropical ecosystem.

    The trails pass through different types of vegetation, such as terra firma forest (evergreen forest not subject to flooding), wetland forest, tropical campinarana and upland areas where deciduous forest predominates – with bare branches and beautiful bromeliads in flower during certain parts of the year.

    The different types of vegetation create a variety of landscapes and enhance the biodiversity of the region.

  • Observation Towers
    For a truly unique Amazon experience, you must not miss out on a visit to one of our Observation Towers. Since the trees in the region are very tall, with the emergent species reaching over 45 meters (145 feet), our towers provide an excellent platform for observing the birds that inhabit the forest canopy, such as tanagers, chatterers, macaws, parrots, toucans and aracaris.

    The Cristalino Lodge has two 50-meter (165 feet) towers located at different strategic spots within the reserve. Since there are platforms at different forest levels, you can appreciate the varied layers, as well as enjoy spectacular views from above the canopy, with an endless sea of green stretching away from below your feet.

  • Watching The Fauna And Flora
    Several iconic species of Brazilian fauna and flora that represent the wonderful biodiversity of the country can be found in this region.

    Among these are the harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja), tapir (Tapirus terrestris), giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis), white-whiskered spider monkey (Ateles marginatus), collared peccary (Tayassu tajacu), white-nosed saki monkey (Chiropotes albinasus), red-handed howler monkey (Alouatta belzebul), cryptic forest falcon (Micrastur mintoni), crimson-bellied parakeet (Pyrrhura perlata), black-girdled barbet (Capito dayi), crested owl (Lophostrix cristata), as well as Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) trees.

  • Boat Trips
    Boat trips, with our experienced guides in attendance, are a fundamental part of your visit. Many of the trails are only accessible by boat, and on the journey you will have the opportunity to observe wildlife along the rivers.

    One of the trips includes a visit to the River Teles Pires to enjoy the sunset. The meeting of the waters of the Teles Pires with those of the River Cristalino is a fascinating intermingling of the respective light and dark shades.


Cristalino Lodge

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