Juma Amazon Lodge , Brazil

Juma Amazon Lodge features 19 intimate bungalows seamlessly nestled into the lush surroundings of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

The rustic and extraordinary Juma Lodge takes on the culture and environment of the Amazon with its treetop bungalows nestled into the side of the jungle.

In order to accommodate the water levels of the wet season (often rising up to 15 meters, or 49 feet), the property was built on stilts upon solid ground resting at treetop level.

Juma Amazon Lodge - Autazes, Brazil

Juma Amazon Lodge seeks to provide a fully authentic and unique experience in the untouched region of the Amazon Rainforest. We offer various activities and excursions emphasizing our natural habitat, beginning with the awe-inspiring Meeting of the Waters, a site visited during guests’ transfer to the lodge via Manaus.

All activities are arranged in small groups, allowing for a more personalized experience with our highly knowledgeable guides and a more meaningful interaction with the jungle.

Juma Amazon Lodge Activities

Juma Lodge is entirely eco-friendly in design and construction. All materials used in the construction of Juma are native and found abundantly in the region, then are carefully extracted from the surrounding area.

Both the construction and the architectural style of the lodge reflect the techniques employed by Amazon River natives when building their own homes.


Reflecting its environment, Juma Amazon Lodge offers guests an optimized blend of authenticity and comfort. The lodge’s footprint is minimalist, yet elegant in concept. Six of our bungalows offer views of the surrounding forest, 12 are riverfront and one is panoramic.

All bungalows have private bathrooms with hot water solar systems, porches with hammocks and ceiling fans ideal for the Amazonian night, which tends to be far cooler than Manaus.

Juma Amazon Lodge Rooms:

Juma Amazon Lodge Rooms

Forest View Bungalows

Bungalows overlooking the forest are located between the lobby patio and the restaurant. Their location allows for easy access for the elderly or anyone with any locomotive difficulty. Because the forest bungalows are closer to one another, they make for an excellent choice for families with small children.

Juma Amazon Lodge Rooms

River View Bungalows

Located in a more secluded and exclusive area of the lodge, our river view bungalows are nestled into the canopy of the trees, reaching 15 meters (49 ft) above the ground during dry season. Ensuring the utmost level of privacy, the river view bungalows were designed to be fully integrated into the forest.

Juma Amazon Lodge Rooms

Panoramic Bungalow

The panoramic bungalow is Juma Lodge's biggest bungalow. Located in the treetops, with 32 square meters (344 square feet) in size, it is equipped with a king-size bed and features a round panoramic balcony with two hammocks and a complete and stunning view of the Juma River.



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Juma Lodge

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