Juma Opera Hotel , Brazil

More than 80% of the rooms at Juma Opera Hotel in Manaus, Brazil overlook the Amazonas Theater.

With an exclusivity of a high standard boutique hotel and occupying historic mansions, it has 41 spacious rooms, a restaurant mixing regional and international cuisine, a gym and a rooftop pool.

A drink can be tasted at the lobby bar or at the rooftop pool, the ideal place to relax laying under one of the many parasols to appreciate the unique view of the Opera House and the exquisite surroundings up to the Negro River in the horizon.

Juma Opera Hotel - Manaus, Brazil

The renowned chef Sofia Bendelak brings elegance and boldness in a kitchen composed by the combination of contemporary dishes full of nuances and flavors from Amazonas.

The restaurant, at the center of the premises, has a unique steel and glass dome structure with a superb view of the Amazonas Opera House.

Juma Opera Hotel

One of the biggest assets of Juma Opera is certainly the services offered. Everything is done with special attention to make the stay more pleasant and peaceful in the heart of the capital of Amazonas.

A variety of attractions found in the city of Manaus makes it one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil, especially for tourists who are looking for greater contact with nature.

Juma Opera Hotel Rooms:

Juma Opera Hotel Rooms
Juma Opera Hotel Rooms

Juma Opera Hotel

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