Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia , Brazil

Located by the Tapajós River in Brazil, only 34km from Santarém’s Airport, Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazônia offers harmony with nature in a laid back atmosphere providing a unique Amazon experience.

It features 6 rooms, optional immersion activities and sustainable practices, such as using natural resources and recycling.

Located in Alter do Chão, a village belonging to the city of Santarém, at the bank of the Tapajós River, the rainforest hotel Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazônia offers hospitality, comfort and individual service with a lot of charm.

Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia - Alter Do Chao, Brazil

The harmony with the forest and the relaxed style of its accommodation facilities translate our philosophy to provide the guests with a unique experience in Amazonia.

The rooms of Vila de Alter bear names of species of the regional flora. The Samaúma, known as tree of life, names the reception and the Camu-camu the bar-cafeteria and small boutique.

The architecture and the contemporary style of the bungalows create an atmosphere of wellness integrating into the green of the forest.


There are only six accommodation facilities differing in their ambiance, all of them equipped with queen size beds, air conditioning, ceiling fan, TV, minibar, walkie-talkie, bath amenities, shower with hot water, very fine bed linen and towels made of pure cotton. The exquisite breakfast is served until 11 a.m. at the verandas of the bungalows.

Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Rooms:

Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Rooms
Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Rooms
Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Rooms
Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Rooms
  • Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Activities:
  • Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia Activities
  • Boat trip on the Tapajós River

    On this exploration trip, be it in the calmer rhythm of a boat or in a speedboat, what really matters is to enjoy the most important sights of the river with the transparent waters.

  • Excursion to the beaches

    Get to know the paradisiac river beaches, like Ponta do Mureta, Ponta do Cururu, Pindobal, Ponta de Pedras and many others. The perfect experience for a whole day of discoveries, with short stopovers in restaurants in order to enjoy the regional delicacies.

  • The magic of the submerged forests during rainy season

    To navigate with a canoe in between the trees and rivers of the submerged forests offers the possibility to enjoy the experience to become a part of the adorable landscape of the region. These places appear through the vertical movement of the river during rainy season and become scenarios of contemplation.

  • Taking a bath in the creeks of the rainforest

    Independent of the time of the day, this trip is about feeling the happiness about simple things like a delicious bath in the refreshing waters of the creeks. The region offers a special circuit for those who like adventure.

  • Trails through the rainforest

    An opportunity to explore the terra firme forests interacting with the magnificence of nature. One of the most favored locations is the Tapajós National Forest.

  • Cultural diving

    This trip represents a very special delicacy: it unites tourism and cultural knowledge and producing of the region. Our recommendation is to cross the Arapiuns River and to berth there at the dozens of communities.

  • Confluence of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers

    As immaterial heritage of the State of Pará, the confluence of Tapajós and Amazon surprises with the natural phenomenon, where the rivers flow side by side intermixing with each other slowly. They are different beauties: one is blue-greenish and the other one has yellow coloring.


Vila de Alter Pousada Boutique Amazonia

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