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There is much more to Iguacu Falls than the thrilling catwalks: jungle hikes, photo safaris, boat rides to the base of the waterfalls, birdwatching, Itaipu Dam.

The Iguazú National Park extends over 220,000 acres and protects one of the greatest natural areas of biological diversity in the country: the Paranaense Subtropical rainforest, a Southern Brazilian Jungle extension.

It has more than 2100 known plant species. Within the natural frame of the jungle (exceeding 120 feet in height), one finds the spectacular Iguazú Waterfalls with more than 270 amazing cascades. Surrounding them, the visitors may walk along many jungle paths where it is frequent to encounter varied wildlife.


 Half-Day Iguacu Brazilian Side

First transfer to the Visitors Center at the entrance of the Brazilian side of Iguazu National Park. The tour continues, now inside the National Park, along a paved road that will take you to magnificent Iguazu Falls.

On foot, the tour continues along a 1 km. catwalk with several gorgeous panoramic views of the Falls along the way. At the end of the catwalk there is a fantastic close-up encounter with the Devils Throat and the main falls. The tour ends at the upper part of Iguazu Falls accessed by a panoramic elevator.

From there, you will follow a track as far as the Espaço Porto Canoas (The Port Canoas Space), where you will find a spectacular lookout point with a view to the upper Iguazu River. The Port Canoas Space also has a restaurant and snack bars, handicraft shop, toilets and a medical first aid outpost.

 Iguazu Falls Tour – Argentina Side

You will be picked up at your hotel by your private guide to set off and explore the Argentine side of the falls.

This side of the mighty falls offers three different tracks into the forest, each with self-explanatory signs describing where cataracts drop into the canyon. You'll see the Devil's Throat, with its breathtaking view. You and your guide will explore the upper and lower trails close to the falls.

You will take the train and then a short hike to the lookout point over the Devil's Throat, with impressive views of waterfalls on three sides.

The tour starts at the Iguazu National Park Visitors Center and lasts about 5 hours. There will be time to stop for snacks along the way. 

 Great Adventure

You will set off on a guided tour through the Yacaratia Trail along the Subtropical forest. The tour will be followed by a 6-kilometer navigation through the Lower Iguazú River. The spectacular navigation on the Iguazú River is in a modern boat.

You will travel close to the San Martin, The Three Musketeers, and the mighty Devil’s Throat. This is a true adventure with a lot of adrenaline!

Note – this excursion includes the Nautical Adventure (below)

 Nautical Adventure

Don’t leave Iguazú Falls without joining us on this short boat adventure! This boat ride starts at the dock in front of the San Martin Island, then breaks into the Devil's Throat Canyon and we get to be a part of an unforgettable baptism under the San Martin Waterfall, the second most important waterfall in the area! You will get wet!


 Jesuit Ruins in Misiones

FULL DAY: The Jesuits extensively colonized this beautiful region for two centuries, and it is still inhabited by the Guarani Indians and their descendants today.

Jesuits were expelled by Spain at the end of the 18th century when it became evident that they were too powerful in the region; they practically built a parallel empire, and were thought to be a potential threat to the Spanish crown. It is fascinating to visit the ruins of their churches, towns, and ranches, remembering the epic days as depicted in the movie "The Mission." Today, these ruins have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This full day tour will allow you to discover the San Ignacio and Loreto Ruins. You also have the option of visiting the Santa Ana Ruins or Horacio Quiroga’s house. Due to timetables, particular interests or weather conditions, the order of the visit may change. Lunch is included.

HALF DAY: You will visit the San Ignacio Mini Ruins, and then have the option of visiting the Santa Ana Ruins or Horacio Quiroga’s house. Lunch is NOT included in this option.

 Itaipu Dam (Brazil)

The Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, 50 km from Iguazú Falls. The dam is the largest operating hydroelectric facility in terms of annual generating capacity. The installed generation capacity of the plant is 14 GW, with 20 generating units providing 700 MW each with a hydraulic design head of 118 m.

In 2008, the plant generated a record 94.68 billion kWh, supplying 90% of the energy consumed by Paraguay and 19% of that consumed by Brazil.

Your visit includes a film about the dam’s construction and a bus ride around the external part of the dam with stops at special lookout points for appreciation of the panorama. The vehicles’ routes obey a pre-determined itinerary prepared by the dam’s security and stops are restricted to the lookout points.

Note: A technical visit can be made exclusively for engineers, technicians, and students of engineering courses in the civil, mechanical, electricity areas; students of technical schools and authorities are specially invited.

It would be a visit to both the external and internal parts of the dam with groups no larger than 12 people. The visitors will have the opportunity to reach the axis of the turbines. The visit must be reserved two weeks in advance and is oriented by the staff of the dam’s department of communication.


 National Park Birding

Come join us for an easy, half-day birding visit that covers several areas of the National Park. The aim is to observe its endangered and native species. The bird variety is really remarkable, with more than 420 species (about 40% of those are present in Argentina) having been sighted.

The most notable are: Hummingbirds, Trogons, Woodpeckers, Gleaners, Antbirds, Tyrants, Manakins, and Tanagers. The time spent bird-watching on this tour is around four hours; the entire outing will last up to approximately five hours.

The guides have vast experience in the region. The provided birding equipment includes a library of over four hundred bird calls and songs for playback. We have a license to access the Iguazú National Park outside normal visiting hours so that you can enter restricted areas in order to find the most interesting local birds!

 Yacaratia Photo Safari and Hike to the Falls

Come along for a 2-hour exploration of the jungle in the National Park Reserve.

The 4-kilometer trail is traversed by a specially adapted 4WD car along the Yacaratia Trail, which is actually closed to the public! The visit includes various stops to enjoy the fauna and to learn about the amazing jungle. An 800m hike will take you to a small cascade, El Pozón, which is a truly ideal place to relax.

Although this is an easy trail, we may encounter some difficulties along the hike. You should be in good physical condition.

 Yacaratia Photo Safari

The Yacaratía circuit offers a full exploration of the Iguazú National Park, including a preserved area used for investigational projects such as the “Carnivore Project” and other studies about primates.

The park utilizes special open vehicles for the drive in order for you to fully appreciate its flora and fauna. Stops will be made along the circuit, and interesting information regarding the species, animals, and flora is given. Usually you can glimpse a puma’s trail, monkeys, chipmunks, orchids, bromelias, and

 Path of the Pioneers

This is one of the best options for beginning a day in Iguazú.

After departing from your hotel in Iguazú, start off by visiting the Iguazú National Park by way of the Pioneers Path that goes through the Yacaratia area. You will travel in open vehicles specially designed to allow for the best viewing of the jungle. It is a preserved area, and as a result of this it offers an incredible view.

Departing in the early morning is highly recommended in order to appreciate the first sounds of the jungle. The “Carnivore Project” is a primate research project being done in this specific location. Stops will be made along the circuit, and interesting information regarding the species, animals, and flora will be given.

Usually, you can glimpse a puma’s trail or monkeys and chipmunks. Orchids, bromelias, cactus, and strangler trees are usually seen. At the end of the circuit, you will depart from the National Park.

 Floating Ecological Tour

The tour starts at The Devil’s Throat Station and floats along a 3-kilometer stretch in zodiac boats as we paddle to the islands in the delta of the Higher Iguazú River. The navigation ends in the interior and superior areas where the other circuits start. During this trip, you can observe the flora and fauna in its purest way. This is a great opportunity to sight the local aquatic wildlife.


 Full Moon at the Falls

Come enjoy a magic night where people are entranced under the full moon.

Once at the park, you will depart from the Central Station to the Devil’s Throat by way of the jungle catwalks. From sunset to midnight, the moon surprises the visitors with its colors and lights in an incredible rainbow.

The moonlight creates shadows inside the jungle that are reflected in the rivers and falls. You’ll experience an emotional and energetic moment enjoying the “moon bathe.” Pause and enjoy all the sounds, scents, and brightness of the jungle. It is truly a special and unforgettable experience.

This excursion is subject to cancellation in the event of rainy or cloudy weather.

 Safari Macuco (Brazil Side)

Come enjoy a spectacular navigation on the lower Iguazú River.

After a 2-kilometer ride in a wagon pulled by an electrical vehicle and a 500-meter walk in the forest, experienced pilots in inflatable zodiac boats will maneuver visitors upriver to experience the sensation of being in the midst of the misty Falls. At the base of the Iguazú Falls, you are able to admire and feel them from up close.

Whirlpools, waves, and currents created by the Falls add adrenaline and lots of emotions to this unforgettable tour.

 Pozo Preto (Brazil Side)

This outing consists of either an amazing walk or bicycle ride along a jungle path called the “Pozo Preto” (“Black Hole”). It starts with a 9-kilometer trail that leads into the jungle that can be walked or biked.

Then, navigate through the upper Iguazú to sight some of the local animals. The last stretch of the navigation can be done in double duckies (inflatable canoes with paddles).

You will descend on double inflatable kayaks for half an hour, passing through the Taquara Islands. There is the possibility to stop for a swim. You will continue the navigation down the Iguazú River, past Papagaio (Parrots) Island and as far as the Porto Bananeiras.

After disembarking, enjoy a Jeep ride along the Bananeira Trail, a 2-kilometer jungle track. Participants should bring along a spare change of clothes.

Iguacu Falls Tours and Excursions

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