Baia das Caraubas Glamping , Brazil

Located on a deserted bay on the way to Barra dos Remédios, Baia das Caraúbas was voted one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Brazil.

Baia das Caraubas Glamping is made for those who seek to recharge their energies in the sands and sea in an environment of absolute privacy.

This glamping project is located in Camocim, Brazil 2 hours away from Jericoacoara Airport. It features 7 wooden stilt bungalows, dining room, bar, lounge, and above water seating areas. The maximum capacity is 19 people.

Baia das Caraubas Glamping - Camocim, Brazil

Each of the bungalows is far enough away from each other so as not to disrupt the privacy of guests. There are spaces for two people and spaces for four people. The rates include breakfast.

It is great for kitesurfing. The main months for kite practice are from August to January. Experienced kitesurfers, bring your kite, because the place is unique. Anyone who wants to learn can book lessons.

Baia das Caraubas Kite Surfing

Camocim is the county in Rota das Emoções with the longest coastline.

With about 60 kms of beaches, Camocim is home to nature's true wonders such as the Barra dos Remedios, the Island of Love, the villages of Tatajuba and Guriu, extending almost to Jericoacoara. Most of the tourist tours departing from Jericoacoara, are to the beaches in the municipality of Camocim.

Baia das Caraubas Glamping Rooms:

Baia das Caraubas Glamping
Baia das Caraubas Glamping
Baia das Caraubas Glamping
Baia das Caraubas Glamping

Baia das Caraubas Glamping

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