Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge , Brazil

The Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge is located in Poconé, Brazil in the North Pantanal, the main wildlife sanctuary on the South American continent, 80 miles south of Cuiabá.

The lodge, built in regional rustic style, offers 19 comfortable rooms with air conditioning, screened windows, ceiling fans, and private bathrooms (with cold and hot showers.

From this self-sustainable lodge, you will have the opportunity for excellent birdwatching, to walk on trails in primary forest and on suspended walkways over wet areas, practice canoeing, explore fields and forests on horseback, take day and night photo safaris, and much more.

Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge - Poconé, Brazil

Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge has a swimming pool with an adjoining covered area for meals, large verandas with hammocks, reading room and conference hall, gift shop, restaurant, bar.

The Araras Eco Lodge follows the “Farm-to-Table” gastronomy concepts, utilizing the products from our farm and from the region.

The buffet offers a variety of tasty, nutritious, healthy and balanced dishes, with emphasis on regional cuisine, besides a great variety of salads and fresh vegetables.


A great part of food is produced on the farm, such as honey, milk, yogurt, cheese, beef, lamb and buffalo meat. All the breads, cakes, salty and sweet snacks are baked at the lodge, with little sugar and salt, and a lot of love.

Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge Rooms:

Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge Rooms
  • The lodge offers a variety of low environmental impact activities, including:
  • Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge Activities

  • Trekking:
    Several paths lead visitors to a close contact with its exuberant and varied flora as well as wildlife.

  • Horseback Riding:
    This is an excellent way to discover the open-grass land and forest, regardless of it being wet or dry season.

  • Jeep Photo Safari:
    For longer distances, day and night wildlife spotting.

  • Canoeing:
    Paddling or piranha fishing along the rivers are certainly exciting yet relaxing ways to enjoy this untamed nature.


Brazil Grand Nature Tour

Duration: 12 days, 11 nights
From: $4,635.00
The best of Brazil's natural history combines 3 diverse ecosystems: breathtaking Iguacu Falls, the wildlife of the Pantanal grasslands, the Amazon rainforest.

Araras Eco Lodge

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