Barra Mansa Lodge , Brazil

Barra Mansa Lodge is located in a very special spot by the Negro River, known as the most beautiful and protected place in Pantanal, Brazil.

The lodge has only six rooms and offers comfortable accommodation, delicious meals and private tours escorted by expert guides for travelers to explore the amazing nature and wildlife of the Pantanal.

Located at the most preserved and scenic region of Pantanal, on the margins of the Negro River, Barra Mansa Lodge shelters amazing nature and an immense variety of wildlife, offering a truly special experience for travelers to explore the Pantanal wetlands.

Barra Mansa Lodge - Aquidauana, Brazil

All tours at the lodge are created individually and arranged locally within the lodge’s team, what guarantees quality personal services and a better alignment within guests’ profiles or specific interests.

Barra Mansa Lodge has small capacity and a lovely atmosphere, making guests feel comfortable and well-taken care of.

Barra Mansa hosts visitors since 1996 and proved to be a perfect home for couples, families, friends and travelers with specific interests as photography, wildlife, birdwatching, horse riding, adventure, culture and others.

Barra Mansa Lodge Activities

The lodge is considered a real gem of the Pantanal, where travelers will find extraordinary nature and wildlife, magnificent landscapes, top guides and outstanding personal services.


The Pantanal in Brazil is one of the most amazing destinations for nature and wildlife tours on the planet, and it is a pleasure for Barra Mansa Lodge to host travelers from all around the world providing outstanding tours and first-rate services.

Barra Mansa Lodge Rooms:

Barra Mansa Lodge Rooms
Barra Mansa Lodge Rooms
Barra Mansa Lodge Rooms
Barra Mansa Lodge Rooms

Barra Mansa Lodge

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