Gran Odara Hotel , Brazil

The luxurious Hotel Gran Odara is prepared to surprise its guests.

The Gran Odara Hotel offers refinement and sophistication in the best region of Cuiaba, Brazil.

There are 141 spacious apartments and luxurious suites, 7 modern meeting rooms, unforgettable breakfast, sophisticated restaurant, lobby bar, professional gym, swimming pool, beauty salon and more.

Gran Odara Hotel - Cuiaba, Brazil

They also have a gourmet space in the pool area. Air-conditioned, with barbecue and games table, this place is ideal for happy hours or small get-togethers.

You'll love AVEC Rest, the cuiabana soul-inspired French-inspired restaurant. AVEC is open to the local public with independent entrance and valet parking.

Gran Odara Hotel Restaurant

It also has a large convention center attached to the hotel that is able to accommodate events of varying proportions. Room types include: Standard, Luxury, Executive, Master, Premium, Presidential. All rooms are equipped with LCD TV, work station, Wi-fi Internet access.

Hotel Gran Odara Selected Rooms:

Gran Odara Hotel Rooms


Gran Odara Hotel Rooms

Luxury Apartment

Gran Odara Hotel Rooms

Master Suite

Gran Odara Hotel Rooms

Premium Suite


Gran Odara Hotel

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