The Caiman Ecological Refuge , Brazil

The Caiman Ecological Refuge is located on a 53,000 hectare ranch 36 km from the small town of Miranda, in the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil's State of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Activities and outdoor excursions promote direct contact with the Pantanal fauna, flora and culture. Every day each lodge offers a new schedule of activities, with two daylight activities and one in the evening.

The refuge consists of three structures – Casa Caiman, The Baiazinha Lodge and The Cordilheira Lodge – which have fully independent operations. Baiazinha is 09 km away from Casa Caiman and Cordilheira is 13 km away.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge - Jaguar

“Caimaners” are nature guides specialized in the flora and fauna of the Pantanal. Besides knowing everything about the biome, they are graduates and bilingual in Portuguese and English. They accompany guests on all excursions and in all activities.

Outings are also accompanied by “Guias de Campo”, natives and locals who know everything there is to know about the nature and the culture of the region and are ready to share their knowledge.

All Caiman guides go through extensive training on the fauna, flora, geography and Pantanal culture as well as being trained in first aid.


Caiman Ecological Refuge provides comfort to its guests in order to immerse them in the lifestyle of the region and to experience all the wealth of the biome with ease. Discover the beauty and the joys of the Pantanal in the comfort that you deserve.

Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms:

Casa Caiman

Casa Caiman is much more than a lodge - it is a full service retreat in the middle of our eco-reserve. We remodeled the former Main Lodge and Caiman founder’s house so that travelers can move freely and safely through a more expansive space – the area is fenced off to keep out wild animals such as jaguars, one of our many visitors.

Casa Caiman comprises two lodges offering 18 suites in total with a balcony, as follows:

  • 14 Suites (45 m²)
  • 3 Suite Superior (52 m² and can accommodate one extra guest – that must be a child from 8 to 12 years old – in the same room, subject to an additional cost)
  • 1 Master Suite (80m²)
The Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms
The Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms

Baiazinha and Cordilheira lodges can now only be booked as private villas, with a guide and a vehicle private for each group.

Baiazinha Lodge

Baiazinha Lodge is a bird-shaped house, located on the shores of a lake, permanently flooded with crystal-clear water.

It has six standard superior rooms, situated on the wings of the bird. Its balconies, overlooking a west-facing inlet of the lake, are an irresistible haven for watching the wetland sunset.

Decorated in traditional ranch style, apartments welcome guests and pamper them with pure cotton sheets, down-filled pillows and hot showers. The bird’s body contains the living area of the lodge, which includes a dining room for 12 guests and a large and cosy living room with cable TV and DVD. Outside, a deck includes the pool, sun beds and comfortable hammocks, framed by the lake and vast Pantanal landscape.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms - Baiazinha Lodge
The Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms - Baiazinha Lodge

Cordilheira Lodge

On one side, a wooded hillside to observe local fauna throughout the day. On the other, a branch of the lake, either dry or full, depending on the season, demonstrates the flood-water cycle to visitors.

Recently renovated, Cordilheira has 5 suites, decorated in contemporary style. Each of these has a separate bedroom and living room, bathroom and balcony.

Cordilheira offers guests outstanding comfort and pampering, with pure cotton bed linen and towels, down-filled pillows and heated showers: a real treat after long walks in the natural environment of the Pantanal.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms - Cordilheira Lodge
The Caiman Ecological Refuge Rooms - Cordilheira Lodge
  • Caiman Ecological Refuge Activities:
  • The Caiman Ecological Refuge Activities

  • Offroad Safari
    Our modified Jeeps go off road to explore areas otherwise unseen.

  • Nocturnal Spotlight
    Excursions to observe nocturnal animals’ behavior and to listen to the unique sounds of the forest at night.

  • Pantaneiro Tour
    Know the Pantanal way of life up close by participating in the daily life of the Caiman Ecological Refuge inhabitants.

  • Safari
    An excursion on our vehicles on Caiman’s roads to take beautiful photos of the Pantanal’s flora and fauna, accompanied by our guides.

  • Canoe Rides
    Appreciate the Pantanal while rowing in the beautiful bays.

  • Ecological Walk
    A fun walk that teaches about living in harmony with nature.

  • Optional Activities
    These activities require previous reservations. Check the availability before your trip.

  • Bike Rides
    A quiet, relaxing and easy ride with amazing views. The route and distance are up to the group.

  • Hyacinth Macaw
    The project team takes guests out on a day of research with biologists who monitor the birds, their offspring, eggs and nests.

  • Caiman Customized
    The group or guests creates its own schedule of Caiman activities.

  • Onçafari Jaguar Safari
    The conscious safari that allows the guest to meet with the largest feline of the American continent.

  • Bird Watching
    A unique opportunity to watch the great diversity of Pantanal birds up close.

  • Horseback Riding
    One of the most awaited moments in this new chapter of our history is the return of horseback riding. After all, riding an authentic Criollo horse breed with a typical harness is the most memorable way to explore the Pantanal. Lasting about 3½ hours, the activity explores different landscapes – from tall grass fields to flooded areas – all accompanied by a local guide with great expertise and knowledge of all the area’s secrets. How about a picnic full of nice surprises during the ride?


Brazil Grand Nature Tour

Duration: 12 days, 11 nights
From: $4,635.00
The best of Brazil's natural history combines 3 diverse ecosystems: breathtaking Iguacu Falls, the wildlife of the Pantanal grasslands, the Amazon rainforest.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge

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