Fasano Angra Dos Reis , Brazil

In December 2017 FRAD.E accomplished a new chapter in its history with the unveiling of Hotel Fasano Angra Dos Reis.

Internationally renowned as synonym of impeccable quality and service, the new Fasano has 60 spacious apartments, facing the sea and fields.

Fasano Angra Dos Reis has a sophisticated spa specializing in the well-being and treatment for adults and children, a fitness center, a jewelry boulevard and two restaurants conceived distinctively in order to attend different gastronomic moments of the day: one of them with the brand-new Crudo.

Extending over the Angra dos Reis marina, the new Hotel Fasano has a spa with 8 treatment and therapy rooms, pools for adults and children, one of them with a 25-meter lane. The spa offers experience packages targeting sports or relaxation, from yoga classes at the beach with a trained instructor to meditation at the bottom of a waterfall, and a water circuit.

Fasano Angra Dos Reis

Set in a 17-million-square-meter area, spread over the finest location of Costa Verde in Angra dos Reis, Crudo is the new concept in gastronomy conceived by Rogério Fasano for the opening of Hotel Fasano Angra dos Reis. The Chef Pedro Franco creates a menu bursting with seafood elegantly concocted and presented, such as scallops, shrimps, crayfish and varied fish - beijupirá, grouper, sea bream, sea bass, tuna and greater amberjack, among others – which alternate according to season. The chef works with a variety of about 25 types of seafood.

Over 1.500 meters high, the Pico do Frade is the second-highest point in Angra dos Reis. From above, the view is striking: before the city are the dozens of islands in the region from Angra and Paraty, including the Serra da Bocaina and Serra do Mar. For nature and sport lovers, the Hotel Fasano Angra dos Reis offer travel itineraries with specialized professionals who seek to explore the abundance of the Atlantic Forest in trails that are suitable for beginners or advanced levels.


Fasano Angra Dos Reis

Superior Room Courtyard View

Fasano Angra Dos Reis

Superior Room Ocean View

Fasano Angra Dos Reis

Deluxe Room Ocean View

Fasano Angra Dos Reis

Oceanfront Suite

Fasano Angra Dos Reis

Deluxe Oceanfront Suite



Fasano Angra Dos Reis

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