Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa , Brazil

The Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa perfectly blends of art, decoration, and culture, and is located on the edge of the beautiful Ferradura beach in Buzios, Brazil.

The hotel is a celebration of the Brazilian culture, and each area has been carefully designed according to the unique history of the nation.

Luxury combines with nature and the exquisite setting is an astounding example of the philosophy of Insólito. Emmanuelle Meeus de Clermont Tonnerre designed each detail that encompasses our interiors, and the landscaping and lighting are the work of renowned Brazilian artists Anouck Barcat and Maneco Quinderó.

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa - Buzios, Brazil

Insólito is more than a Boutique Hotel, it is also an art gallery, where you can discover and buy pieces from young talented artists.

Insólito Boutique Hotel embodies and exemplifies the green and yellow Brazilian soul.

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa

Facilities include a restaurant with a stunning view of Ferradura Beach. Insólito has a Wellness Center with responsible professionals whose services include: body and facial treatments, massages and Indian rituals to guarantee relaxation by the sea.

The restaurant “A Galeria” offers a menu characterized by the deep appreciation of local ingredients from nearby vegetable gardens to seafood from the waters surrounding the hotel, in Ferradura Beach. The chef also utilizes pancs(unconventional edible plants) in the preparation of certain dishes.

Insolito Boutique Hotel Dining

A Galeria is an unmissable destination in Búzios. In addition to impeccable gastronomy, the decoration includes contemporary works of art from artists all over the world adding to an unforgettable dining experience.

Insólito has two boats available for use by guests: the Rush boat - 30 feet, capacity 8 people - is ideal for tours around the principle beaches in Búzios, where guests can also take part in fishing or picnics; the Dragos – 19 feet, capacity 4 people – is used more for water-skiing, wakeboarding and “bóia-cross” which is a variation of water-skiing.

Insolito Boutique Hotel Boat

In the social area, Insólito has a fresh water pool, a salt water pool, a dry sauna, a steam sauna, Jacuzzi and Ofurô. There are also three bicycles which are available for use by the guests.

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa Rooms:

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa Rooms


Situated in the house of Photography and Literature, the suite is an immersion into the world of artist Almir Reis, a renowned Brazilian photographer, famous for his landscapes of Rio de Janeiro.

Photography books and Brazilian literature have been laid out to enhance and compliment this ambience.

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa Rooms


Situated in Casa Terra Brasil, this suite reveals the extraordinary miscegenation of the Brazilian people. The main focus of the decoration are paintings by Luciana Gomes (Argentine artist), inspired by the work of Adriana Varejão, who explored the diversity of the Brazilian skin tone bringing the matter to light in the hope of proving that in spite of differing race and religion, people can live together harmoniously

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa Rooms


Situated in Casa do Modernismo (House of Modernism), this suite is a tribute to the song composed by Caetano Veloso in 1968, Alegria, one of the main figureheads of the Tropicalismo movement..

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa Rooms


Situated in Casa Terra Brasil, the Kalunga suite pays tribute to the black influence in Brazil, a nation descendant of the Africans, enslaved by the Portuguese at the beginning of colonization.

Insólito Boutique Hotel & Spa Rooms

Orfeu da Conceição

The theatrical play Orfeu da Conceição, written by Vinícius de Moraes and the soundtrack composed by Tom Jobim, was the inspiration when naming this Insólito Suite – a space to contemplate the LP with the same name released by recording company Odeon.


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Insolito Boutique Hotel

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