Hotel Vila Galé Marés , Brazil

Hotel Vila Gale Mares is located on Guarajuba Beach in Camacari, Brazil.

The Vila Galé Marés hotel is an all inclusive resort on the exotic beach of Guarajuba, 60 kilometers from Salvador da Bahia and a dozen kilometers from Praia do Forte.

Hotel Vila Gale Mares features 480 rooms and 95 chalets, four restaurants, three bars, a Satsanga spa with indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and numerous rooms for massages and aesthetic treatments.

Hotel Vila Gale Mares - Camacari, Brazil

The hotel is in a place where sports activities share the holiday with a good dives and great beach days.

Activities include a fitness center, a tennis court and social football - or water sports like surfing, bodyboarding, or diving.


For adults and children, entertainment is guaranteed, every day, all the time at Hotel Vila Gale Mares.

Hotel Vila Gale Mares Rooms:

Hotel Vila Gale Mares Rooms

Standard Apartments

Hotel Vila Gale Mares Rooms


Hotel Vila Gale Mares Rooms

Superior Chalets

Hotel Vila Gale Mares Rooms

Master Chalets


Hotel Vila Gale Mares

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