Wish Hotel da Bahia , Brazil

Wish Hotel da Bahia has a privileged location, close to the Historical Center, Arena Fonte Nova, museums, theaters and less than 3km from the main tourist attractions of Salvador, Brazil.

A building completely revitalized made to be the best option for business or leisure trips. Its interior features impressive restored works of art by Carybé and Genaro de Carvalho and the complete infrastructure of a grand hotel of magnificence.

The restaurant, Passeio da Vitória, is located on the ground floor of the hotel, offers a buffet service for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wide range of regional, national and international delicacies.

Wish Hotel da Bahia - Salvador, Brazil

The enchanting capital of Bahia is the ideal place for people who like history and culture as well as beach, sea and axé. Salvador offers that warmth that is nice to feel in the body, reminding or teaching what it is and how it feels to be Brazilian.

While visiting the sights such as the Church of Bonfim, Elevador Lacerda, Pelourinho, Farol da Barra and many others, Bahia makes us passionate for the simple and spiritual grandeur that adds us during his remarkable stay.

Wish Hotel da Bahia Rooms:

Wish Hotel da Bahia Rooms
Wish Hotel da Bahia Rooms

Wish Hotel da Bahia

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