Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama , Chile

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama is tucked away on a gentle stretch of land in the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.

Surrounded by the quiet presence of the Andes, Altiplanico San Pedro faces the impressive Licancabur Volcano, with a unique design inspired in the style of an Altiplano village.

Enjoy the famous Atacama sunsets and relax from the smoldering sun in the fresh covers of our private terraces and beautiful swimming pool after a day exploring the driest desert in the world.

The hotel was developed following the concept of visual silence, the eye registers the hotel in its totality included in the in the immensity of the Atacama desert.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama - San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The hotel's concept anchors the design to the earth color of the walls and straw ceilings that merge the hotel with nature. Great emphasis in the use of the earth materials as well as a design is inspired in the Altiplano Chilean-Boliviano gave origin to this project.

This method of building is mixtures of Indian culture with Spanish colonization, both are present, and are an excellent solution to the intense desert climate. The decoration highlights the Indian roots.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama

Enchanting Atacama Desert with its innumerable geological wonders such as geysers, hot springs, salty basins and snow capped volcanoes, as well as rich flora and fauna, makes San Pedro de Atacama one of South America’s star destinations.

It is also full or archeological and cultural wealth, which stand as testimony of its magnificent past. From sunrise in the Tatio Geysers surrounded by jagged mountains and volcanic peaks to unparalleled sunsets reflecting golden light over salty lagoons full with Chilean Flamingoes, San Pedro de Atacama will surely take your breath away.


The restaurant is open at night, along with the bar in which every day there is happy hour and good music to relax after having encountered the challenging climate of Atacama.

To eat there is an offer of a variety of dishes, in addition to a menu which consists of entrée, main course and dessert, all served with care and elegance.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Restaurant

The menu varies daily and weekly. The food is a mixture of Peruvian, Chilean and Atacameñan inspiration. The result is original food that gives the feeling of the roots of the desert and the altiplano. Between the special ingredients used the highlights are; quinoa, purple potatoes, scallops, chañar and Indian corn.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Rooms:

The objective was to develop a private, warm space allowing feeling of being sheltered from the strength of the desert. The hotel has 29 rooms arranged in three semicircles, with cultivated fields in between.

It has single, doubles, triples and family rooms, based on separate houses, with individual terraces, WiFi, private bathrooms and independent entries.

Some rooms have outside showers to enjoy the starry night and sunny days. They are decorated with great simplicity, using different resources of color and shape. Inside the atmosphere is fresh and cozy; each has a terrace to enjoy the view. Most furniture is in built to give the feeling that the hotel is part of Atacama, arising from the earth.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Rooms
Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Rooms
Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Rooms
Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Rooms
  • Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Attractions:
  • Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama Attractions

  • Geysers del Tatio: Steam and vapor emanations in one of the biggest geothermal fields in the world.
  • Machuca: Traditional village with adobe constructions, inhabited by ancestral llama’s shepherds. It is particularly known for the local culture, Andean handicraft, sopaipillas and empanadas.
  • Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon): Extravagant mountain formation located in the Salt Mountains. Over the years it has been shaped by the wind and water, creating a strong energetic place.
  • Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley): On the cutting edge of the valley of the Salt Mountains, we find this valley full of contrasts where sand boarding can be practiced.
  • Salt Flat and Altiplanic Lagoons: The great Atacama Salt Flat is located in Los Flamencos National Reserve. It is surrounded by beautiful lagoons and Andean flamingos.
  • Cejar Lagoon: The high content of salt in the water causes a funny and relaxing flotation effect. Visitors can get there from San Pedro by bike.
  • Rainboy Valley: Located in the Domeyko Mountains, we find this valley. Because of the great variety of mineral a colorful landscape is generated as if a rainbow has been printed on them.
  • Tara Salt Flat: Beautiful Salt Flat with a rich flora and fauna. Its main characteristic is the beauty and majestic silence that surrounds it.
  • Toconao: A town entirely built in Liparita Stone. The place is full of history and its buildings have been declared national monuments.
  • Archaeological Tour: San Pedro de Atacama is Chile’s National Capital or Archaeology. The tour takes the guests through history, culture and the main archaeological sites in Atacama.
  • Puritama Thermal Springs: Natural warm waters at 33º C, invite the visitors to take a bath surrounded by amazing views of the mountains.
  • Ledge Trekking: ancient paths, with smooth changes in level lead the visitors to the Catarpe Valley, the only green spot in the area.
  • Horse Riding, Bike Riding, Trekking and Mountaineering Routes: The horseback excursions across the Valley of the Moon, the bike riding paths towards Pukará de Quitor, trekking routes to the Salt Mountains and Domenyko and the ascension to the Licancabur Volcano are world famous.

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama

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