CasaMolle Villa & Golf , Chile

Set in Vicuña, Chile, in the Elqui Valley - CasaMolle is an all inclusive luxury property that has a bar, shared lounge, garden, and a golf course.

Choosing CasaMolle is choosing quality, good taste, tranquility, peace, happiness, memories, is choosing to stay, be part, live, dream, and then remember and treasure.

The architecture of CasaMolle is a combination of buildings such as the high plateau with low and wide adobe walls creating small environments within a large space such as citadels, pyramid roofs of totora, a material present in our surroundings, as well as the Brea which we use to our closures and demarcations and the stone used in trails and some walls.

CasaMolle - Vicuna, Chile

The design of the hotel was based mainly on rescuing the existing resources in the area.

Materials such as the totora, brea, stone, maicillo, and adobe were used, while taking into account the climatic conditions and taking full advantage of its rich soils creating orchards and various gardens with an endless number of native species, cacti and succulent fruit trees to achieve identity with their environment.


CasaMolle is an unforgettable experience. Memorable moments of entertainment, conversation and family activities are shared here.

We organize groups to generate entertaining dynamic games, sports, karaoke, golf and much more.


The interior design of CasaMolle uses noble and simple materials such as wood and wicker with organic textures such as linen, cotton and sisales in a range of earth and pastel colors.

CasaMolle Rooms:

CasaMolle Rooms
CasaMolle Rooms
CasaMolle Rooms
CasaMolle Rooms


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