Hotel Raudal , Chile

Hotel Raudal is located on the banks of the Futaleufú River, in an ideal place for rest and also for outdoor activities.

Just 40 km from the town of Futaleufú, the natural landscapes of Chilean Patagonia surround its rooms and its prime location offers a wide range of activities to enjoy during your stay.

Hotel Raudal Fishing

Hotel Raudal is located in the most privileged area of ​ Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by forests, rivers, lakes, snowdrifts and pampas. In a place where the Andes Mountain Range joins the Futaleufú River, which feeds several rivers and gives life to lakes such as El Espolón.


The natural landscapes are the privileged view of the entire hotel, and this is always attended by our exclusive staff, which gives first class service by helping guests live the experience.

Hotel Raudal Rooms:

Hotel Raudal Rooms



Hotel Raudal

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