Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa , Chile

In the midst of exuberant vegetation, and on the edge of Dorita Bay in the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia, emerges Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa, where there is a perfect equilibrium of sophisticated and deliberate simplicity.

Everything you need for that dreamy disconnection is here, giving visitors the opportunity to go out on a different excursion every day.

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa is a beautiful ecolodge integrated with the surrounding scenery, reminiscent of the architecture of the island of Chiloé with elements of wood, stone, and tiles. All of the enclosures of the building face the coast with the aim of making the most of the beautiful view offered by the bay. The warm and simple décor gives it a familiar feel that invites you to enjoy your stay in a setting favored by nature.

Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa - Puerto Puyuhuapi, Chile

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa is the base from which you can enjoy a variety of activities: explore the lush temperate rainforest, journey along the Carretera Austral, discover the Queulat National Park, sail between Patagonian islands and fjords, enjoy thermal waters, relax with thalassotherapy treatments or massages in the spa, and delight yourself with the delicate gastronomy and fine selection of Chilean wines.

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa Patagonia

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa upholds a high standard that focuses on understanding and harmonizing the natural and pristine environment, along with the delivery of quality that is affective and effective in all of the services offered to our visitors: ensuring that the expeditions are based on learning without excessive strain, that the food is based on a varied diet and with understanding of Chilean Patagonia, that the relaxation service in our exclusive spa guarantees our guests a sensation of peace and wellbeing, and lastly that the break is truly refreshing. In order to fulfill these aims, disconnection from daily life and the dedicated service offered by each of the members of our staff are required.

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa Activities

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa Rooms:

The rooms offer spectacular views of the mountains and a private and peaceful atmosphere. No TV, cell phones, or internet; the invitation is to enjoy one of the few places truly pristine on earth to help raise awareness about the importance of living life in harmony with nature and to activate every way to appreciate the purity of life itself.

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa Rooms


Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa Rooms

Superior King

Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa Rooms

Superior Twin


Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa

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