Tierra Chiloé Adventure Spa Hotel , Chile

Take a step back to simpler times at Tierra Chiloé Adventure Spa Hotel on Chiloe Island, Chile, a boutique spa hotel where intrepid adventures are coupled with comfort, sea views and the promise of authentic experiences.

The all inclusive programs mean that you can enjoy farm fresh food, meet local artisans, discover remote islands on our private boat, and explore historic Jesuit wooden churches, which are World Heritage Sites.

Our passion for the island is rooted in the foundations of our Chiloé adventure lodge, with eco-friendly architecture that makes the most of the island’s changeable climate for heating and ventilation.

Tierra Chiloe Adventure Spa Hotel - Chiloe Island, Chile

Made of locally sourced wood and clad in shingles, the exteriors mimic the traditional homes of local fishing communities. Inside, panoramic windows in the restaurant and living areas allow for uninterrupted Pacific Ocean views, which change constantly as the clouds and light play across the water.

Quintessential island life and sophisticated modern comfort meet hand-in-hand at Tierra Chiloé. Every piece of furniture and decor has a story, as Chilean designers have collaborated with local craftspeople to curate a space which is relaxed and welcoming.

Tierra Chiloé Hotel and Spa

The team of friendly staff and guides are on hand to help you discover the genuine warmth of the islanders, through our excursions that provide insights into the local traditions and myths. During your trip to Chile, a visit to Tierra Chiloé Adventure and Spa Hotel will restore your soul through an appreciation of the simple things in life that mean so much.

Tierra Chiloe Wellness Experiences:

Uma Spa in Chiloé is a place of blissful tranquility with locally sourced materials and all-natural ingredients – encourages you to unwind and rejuvenate far away from your everyday life. After a day of exploration around the island, why not slip into one of our two soothing, heated pools? Another option is the intricately constructed and calming sauna, guaranteed to help you to relax.

Tierra Chiloe Uma Spa

Be sure to make time in your itinerary for one of the Uma Spa’s speciality treatments, which include shiatsu, reflexology and deep-tissue massages, among other options. The spa itself is warm and inviting, with local wood and heated stone floors, creating a cozy refuge from the often rainy weather outside.

Whether it’s by enjoying the steam room or sauna, treating yourself to an indulgent massage, or gazing out at the wildlife-rich Pullao wetlands from the outdoor heated infinity pool, restoration is at the heart of Uma Spa.

Tierra Chiloe

The restaurant at Tierra Chiloé indulges in the rich produce of the local fishing community, which surrounds the hotel. As such, guests are treated to a plethora of seafood dishes, where mussels, sea urchins and other ocean treats fresh from the daily catch await. In addition to close ties with the local fishermen and farmers, our chef makes homemade breads and pastries, and the local specialty, the traditional “curanto”.

This local festive communal meal involves slow-cooking meat and fish over hot stones in deep pits outside, layered with nalca leaves and left to cook for hours; a ritual that is often accompanied by a live accordion player.


Each of the 24 guest rooms at Tierra Chiloé Adventure & Spa Hotel offers a deep connection to nature. Some interconnect to make family apartments, and there are also two suites to choose from.

The design and décor of the rooms are inspired by the regional heritage of Chiloé. Hand-crafted furniture and locally woven fabrics are thoughtfully incorporated into each room, a reflection of our bond with the island. The spotlight is on the surroundings, which are on display through large windows that afford views of the lands and ocean beyond.

Tierra Chiloe Rooms:

Tierra Chiloe Rooms


The generously-sized suites offer the perfect upgrade to your stay at Tierra Chiloé. Both suites look out over the inland Pacific Ocean and Pullao Wetlands from the bedrooms. You can enjoy the wonderful views and the constantly changing light on the water, as well as watch the many birds that dwell here.

You’ll find large, comfortable beds and lounge spaces clad in locally-sourced materials. Enjoy deep-soak bathtubs and hand-knitted slippers made of the softest Chilean wool, all to make you feel right at home.

Tierra Chiloe Rooms

Superior Pullao Rooms

The cozy Pullao rooms are clad in traditional details from Chiloé Island with wood paneling and warm, inviting tones that complement the overall energy of the lodge. The rooms have large comfortable beds that face wide windows. Each room offers views overlooking the Pullao Wetlands, which boast a rich array of shorebirds. Enjoy deep-soak bathtubs and hand-knitted slippers made of the softest Chilean wool, which are yours to keep.

What’s more, ten of these rooms can connect, creating family apartments that can sleep up to six people. The interconnecting rooms are perfect for a multi-generational group traveling together.

Tierra Chiloe Rooms

Superior Rilan Rooms

Relaxation awaits you in our Rilan rooms. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean inlet, you’ll be sure to find peace and serenity while watching the sunrise over the water. The warm and inviting neutral colors and natural materials stay true to the rest of the lodge.

You will surely notice the beautifully woven rugs and throws on the bed, all locally handmade by our Chilote neighbors. The Jacuzzi bathtub is the perfect way to warm up and unwind after a day out exploring the island of Chiloé and its surrounding waters.

  • Tierra Chiloe Activities:
  • Tierra Chiloe Activities
  • Biking

    At Tierra Chiloé, the island is yours to explore on two-wheels. We have routes starting straight from the doors of our hotels to others that combine a full-day sailing with a exhilarating bike ride too. The choice is yours!

  • Hiking

    With lush green hills and Pacific Ocean blues all around, hiking the Island of Chiloé is at once breathtaking, fun, and nourishing for the soul.

    Encompassing enchanting woodland walks, birdwatching expeditions and clifftop treks, our portfolio of Chiloé hikes brings you closer to this versatile region and its unexpected charms, which our guides will be proud to show you. Whether you’re one for challenging treks or prefer a slower pace walk, we have an assortment of wonderful routes to choose from throughout this far-flung Chilean archipelago.

  • Horse Riding

    At Tierra Chiloé, our horses live on property and are often seen grazing on our green fields throughout the day. Saddling up here means exploring our seashores, picturesque farmlands and rolling hills.

  • Scenic Voyages

    There is so much to see on the big island of Chiloé. You can do it by land or by sea, joining us for adventures that take you through dense forests, village markets and tiny forgotten islands in the archipielago.

  • Special Interests

    Through our special interest activities at Tierra Chiloé, you can meet shipbuilders, visit smaller isolated islands on the archipelago and explore the famous UNESCO churches of the island.

  • Water Activities

    Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, water activities at Tierra Chiloé are a part of almost every excursion we have. Enjoy a day out on our wooden yacht, explore the inland channels by kayak, or stroll along untouched beaches. Here in Chiloé, you’ll discover seaside living at its best.


Tierra Chiloe

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