Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa , Chile

We invite you to discover the magic and mysteries of Rapa Nui from the perfect place

Hangaroa Eco Village blends with the environment through its grass roofs, colors and textures of the island. It is a tribute to the Orongo ceremonial village, whose vestiges are still near the Ranu Kau volcano, an iconic place in Rapa Nui culture (There was the celebration the election of Tangata Manu , or Birdman, the most important ceremony of the second period of the island). The reception and lounge area is based on the ancestral “boat house”, a building that is shaped like a boat set reversely, as seen in the stone ruins of the island.

The hotel has high-efficiency electrical equipment along with solar lighting and LED technology. It also has self-supplying irrigation water through a purification system of wastewater. All detergents and cleaning products used at the hotel are made under environmental management systems.

All rooms and suites are equipped with sofa bed, a native crafted clay tub, shower, telephone, internet connection, desk, safe, minibar and a private terrace overlooking the ocean. Dining options include Poevara - the main hotel restaurant, Kaloa Pasta Bistro, Vaikoa Pool Bar. Hotel facilities include Manavai Spa and swimming pool. Daily breakfast included.


Excursions can be arranged at the hotel - some options include the following:

The arrival of Hotu Matu'a: Anakena – Ahu Te Pito Kuta – Rano Raraku – Ahu Tongariki – Anakanga.
The Power of the Birdman: Caverna de Ana Tangata – Rano Kau – Centro Ceremonial de Orongo.
Looking Towards the Stars: Ahu Uri a Hurenga – Ahu Akivi – Ahí Vai Teka – Puna a Pau.
The First Ahu (altars): Ahu Vinapu- Ahu Hanga Pokura – Ahu hangaTe´e (vaihu).
The Twilight of the Moai: Museo – Ahu Te Peu – Ahu Tahai – Ahu Hanga Kioé.


Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

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