Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa , Chile

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa in Hanga Roa, Chile invites you to discover the magic and mysteries of Easter Island from the perfect location.

Hangaroa Eco Village blends with the environment through its grass roofs, colors and textures of the island.

It is a tribute to the Orongo ceremonial village, whose vestiges are still near the Ranu Kau volcano, an iconic place in Rapa Nui culture (There was the celebration the election of Tangata Manu , or Birdman, the most important ceremony of the second period of the island).

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa - Hanga Roa, Chile

The reception and lounge area is based on the ancestral “boat house”, a building that is shaped like a boat set reversely, as seen in the stone ruins of the island.

The village concept allows a harmonious interplay between spaces, also linked by a landscape design of native species, where nature and inhabited surfaces merge with respect and admiration for Easter Island.

Hangaroa Eco Village

The hotel has high-efficiency electrical equipment along with solar lighting and LED technology. It also has self-supplying irrigation water through a purification system of wastewater.

All detergents and cleaning products used at the hotel are made under environmental management systems.

Hangaroa Eco Village

Relish in the aromas, flavors and colors of Easter Island in our multiple restaurants – Poerava, Kaloa and our pool bar Vaikoa.

Enjoy signature recipes using locally caught fish and seafood seasoned with the local spices of Polynesia.

Hangaroa Eco Village Dining

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Wellness Experiences:

Surrounded by white sand overlooking the Pacific Ocean, fresh tropical scents and a menu of modern wellness treatments utilizing natural ingredients found on the island, Spa Manavai helps to renew mind and body, while drawing a connection to the island closer.

Hangaroa Eco Village - Spa Manavai

The tropical climate and mild temperatures throughout the year provide the perfect conditions to enjoy the largest pool on Easter Island. Whether for a morning swim or a refreshing dip at the end of a day of exploring, enjoy our pool overlooking the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean.

All rooms and suites are equipped with sofa bed, a native crafted clay tub, shower, telephone, internet connection, desk, safe, minibar and a private terrace overlooking the ocean.


Dining options include Poevara - the main hotel restaurant, Kaloa Pasta Bistro, Vaikoa Pool Bar. Hotel facilities include Manavai Spa and swimming pool.

Hangaroa Eco Village Hotel Rooms:

Hangaroa Eco Village Rooms

Kainga Rooms

These rooms feature a sofa bed and desk as part of the construction, a handmade clay tub, shower, telephone, internet connection, safe, minibar, plus a private terrace overlooking the sea. They do not have television, because the disconnection is sought and to concentrate the senses in experiencing the wonders of Rapa Nui.

Hangaroa Eco Village Rooms

Maunga Rooms

These double height rooms feature a guest bathroom, a spacious living room, sofa bed and desk made on construction, shower, telephone, internet connection, safe, minibar, plus a private terrace overlooking the sea. They do not have television, because they seek disconnection and to concentrate the senses in experiencing the wonders of Rapa Nui.

  • Hangaroa Eco Village Excursions:
  • Hangaroa Eco Village Excursions
  • Ara Moai
    We will visit Rano Raraku, this enigmatic place holds the quarries of the megalithic statues called Moai. Discover the processes of carving and theories of transportation along our guides as we visit these quarries and follow the path called Ara Moai, which shows different Statues in the way out of Rano Raraku.

  • Beaches
    Relax on the beaches of Rapa Nui.

  • Poike Trekking
    Visit one of the 3 main volcanoes that formed the island millions of years ago.

  • Taharoa
    Join us to visit the main arrival point of the Polynesian Culture, called Hanga Rau, which the Royal tribe Miru occupied in ancient times, then we will visit Te pito kura, from where we hike along the beautiful scenery of the north east coast of Rapa Nui, passing through Hanga Ho’onu, place where the first Western navigators contacted the Rapa Nui culture. Then we will visit Tongariki, showing the peak of architectural construction in the Polynesian world.

  • Ara O Te Ao
    Hike up through one of the oldest known paths in Rapa Nui, called Ara o Te Ao, “The path of Power”, until the lookout point of Rano Kau, the largest crater in Rapa Nui and follow the path until the ceremonial village of Orongo, house of the Tangata Manu competition, the main cult of the Rapa Nui until the XIX Century.

  • Avareipua
    Visit one of the main foundational settlements in Rapa Nui, called Ahu Te Peu, On the way we will hike through a landscape full of lava tubes from the youngest volcanic activity in the Island, place of a rich and delicate natural beauty. Finishing in Ahu akivi, one of the biggest platforms in the Interior of the Island.

  • Tongariki Sunrise
    Experience the sunrise in Ahu Tongariki.

  • Bicycle Route
    Ride a bicycle and discover the island at your own pace.


Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

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