Hotel Otai , Chile

Hotel Otai offers a great location to fully enjoy your stay on Easter Island.

Located on one of the main streets, just 2 minutes walk to the sea, Hotel O'tai is a perfect place to stay on Easter Island.

Large rooms offer all the comfort you need for an enjoyable stay and are perfect for relaxing after an island tour. In a middle of the resort, you'll find a beautiful swimming pool, surrounded by palm trees and other native flora.

Hotel Otai Swimming Pool

The perfect retreat on Easter Island, with garden view and swimming pool view guest rooms, it is easy to understand why Hotel O'Tai stands apart from other hotels on Easter Island.

Hotel O'tai - Isla de Pascua features 40 rooms with en suite bathrooms offering all that you need for a pleasant stay.


Hotel Otai Rooms
Hotel Otai Rooms
Hotel Otai Rooms



Hotel Otai

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