Hotel Puku Vai , Chile

Hotel Puku Vai invites you to explore the mysteries of Easter Island, Chile, and enjoy the harmony of nature.

Hotel Puku Vai is an attractive combination of wood and stone, and inspired by the artistic heritage of Easter Island. The hotel is decorated with themes that were important to the ancestors of the island.

The pool has the shape of Tahonga, the sign of fertility and prosperity. The pool is located in the center of a beautiful garden with tropical flowers and plants.

Hotel Puku Vai - Easter Island, Chile

The entrance, reception, dining hall, bar, passageways, rooms, garden and the poolside can be accessed without stairs.

They offer superior rooms with all the modern comforts – including air conditioning and free Wi-Fi internet – a peaceful location close to the main attractions of Hanga Roa, and a pool with a garden full of tropical flowers and plants in a true paradise island surrounded by the shimmering turquoise Pacific Ocean.

Hotel Puku Vai

The untamed spirit of Easter Island remains free and proud. Experience this ancient culture yourself by hearing the Rapa Nui language and participating the seducing Sau Sau dance.

Easter Island is the island of myth and mystery. The moai are amazing historical achievements and their secrets – why and how they were created and transported – are the reason Easter Island is among the most intriguing of all UNESCO heritage sites.

Puku Vai services include accommodation, airport transfer, tours and complete activity programs.

Hotel Puku Vai Rooms:

Hotel Puku Vai Rooms
Hotel Puku Vai Rooms

Hotel Puku Vai

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