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Things to do in Chile's Lake District include visits to Lake Llanquehue, Chiloe Island, Alerce Andino National Park, Lake Todos Los Santos, Osorno Volcano and the Petrohue River.

 Lake Llanquihue

Your guide will brief you on the complete excursion before departing from your hotel. You will head north on Route 5 to Llanquihue, where you will drive by the Modinger Sausage Factory, Agar Agar Algae, the Nestle Factory, the Maullin River, the parochial church, and the town square with access to Los Cisnes beach, which will be your first stopover for taking some photographs.

You will continue driving along the Settlers route towards Frutillar Bajo, stopping at the Settlers Monument. You will then proceed to a lookout point at Caja de Compensacion Los Andes tourist complex driving along Punta Larga. In Frutillar Bajo, you will visit the town and its old houses, churches, gardens, beach and the Del Lago Theater. (Optional visit to the Colonial Museum)

Afterward, you will continue along the shores of Lake Llanquihue to the Los Bajos area, Quilanto, and Puerto Octay, making a stop at a scenic point of the town. You can choose to stop in Puerto Octay as well to see the town square, the church, and the German houses. You will continue driving around the lake to Puerto Fonk, Cascada, and finally, Ensenada where you will be free for lunch. Return to your hotel.


 Alerce Andino National Park

There are 20,000 hectares (49,383 acres) of Alerce forests in the park located on a Lakes District mountain range. Alerce is a slow growing conifer and an excellent wood. Today, it is in danger of extinction and this park is one of its most important protectors. In the park, there are several species typical of an evergreen forest, such as coigue, lenga, mañio, tineo, canelo, and tepa, among others.

Furthermore, there are nearly 50 small lagoons hidden among the forest and the mountains. Among them, the most outstanding are: Sargazo, Chaiquenes, Triangulo, Fria, and Pangal lagoons. Even though they are not within the limits of the park, Lake Chapó and the Reloncavi Estuary are two other remarkable points in the surroundings.

Depart along the Austral Road on a winding road built between the Andean Mountains and the Chilean coast. You will be driven through several small towns, such as Chamiza, Piedra Azul, Lenca, and Caleta la Arena. These are towns that started as fishing villages and that are currently developing, thanks to the salmon and algae extraction industries. You will continue along the northern section of the Seno del Reloncavi. From Lenca, you will take a route for 7 km (4 miles) into the Andean mountains to the entrance of the National Park.

Once in the park, you will be given a briefing on the trail before hiking to the scenic point of the Chaicas River rapids. You will hike on a spectacular trail surrounded by forests of lengas and coigues, and take a detour on the Salto trail to a millenarian Alerce. Later, you will head back to the main trail, stopping for a rest and a snack on a Chaicas River beach. Afterward, return to your Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas hotel. On the way back, there is an alternate lunch stop at a Quillaipe Bay restaurant.


 Excursions To Chiloe Island:

All full-day Chiloe Island excursions include private round-trip transfers from your Puerto Varas/Puerto Montt hotel, private guide.

 Ancud, Caulin Bay and Lacuy

On the island, you will stop at the small village of Chacao for a visit then continue to the fishing village of Caulin, very popular for its migrating species of birds and oyster farms. You may shop for local island handcrafts. You will see the wooden houses, churches, channels and the typical "chilote" watercrafts. In the town of Ancud, you will have time to taste the local cuisine.

Visit the village of Chacao and its church. Continue to the small fishing village of Caulin, enjoying the picturesque views of the typical countryside of Chiloe. Afterwards, you will continue to the Quempillen scenic point for a panoramic view of the town of Ancud. The highlights of this town include the handicraft market and the coastline area, San Antonio fort, Regional Museum of Ancud and the town square. Optional lunch stop at Hosteria Ancud.

 Castro And Dalcahue

Visit Dalcahue, a picturesque village lying at the point where General Ramón Freire landed with his patriot troops to fight against the Spanish Army back in 1824. The village emerged from cattle farming and traditional crafts market. Visit their Dalcahue church, declared a National Monument and World Heritage Site


Later, arrive in Castro, lying on the shores of a fjord famous for its picturesque houses on stilts called palafitos, the third oldest city in Chile, founded in 1567. Enjoy a visit to their Crafts Fair, where several wool, wood, and stone articles are sold. You will visiting the San Francisco church, a temple projected for masonry and well known for its detailed woodwork and large size.

 Ancud And Penguin Colony Navigation

From Caulín, take the road to Ancud and visit this city famous for its market and the best infrastructure on Chiloé. It was an international seaport until the end of the 19th century, with narrow streets lined with commercial houses and classical Chilote architecture. The Regional Museum is great to visit and to learn more about the island history. Then visit the San Antonio Fort, erected in 1770, South America’s last point to where the Spanish flag flew.

Continue your journey to Puñihuil Bay on the Pacific Coast. Here, experience a picturesque sailing excursion to the Islands in Puñihuil, where you may observe a penguin colony. Lunch included.

 Petrohue Excursion

This excursion combines all the natural beauties of the Lake District located inside Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, such as emerald color waters, valleys, volcanoes, and a deep lush evergreen forest decorating the Andes Mountain Range.

Depart along the shore of Lake Llanquihue to Vicente Perez Rosales National Park. On the way, you will drive by the Puerto Varas rodeo arena, typical colonial houses of the former German settlers, and salmon hatcheries.

When entering the park, you will stop to visit Petrohue Falls (ticket is not included), emerald green whitewater rapids surrounded by basaltic rocks, and a breathtaking scenic point of Osorno Volcano. You will then continue another 4 miles to the Petrohue pier on Lake Todos los Santos, also called Lake Emerald because of the color of its waters.

You will be at your leisure for walking around the area. On the return to Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt, you will have a stopover in Ensenada for photographs and at Puerto de Humos lookout point for a better view of Lake Llanquihue and Osorno Volcano. You will stop for lunch at a local restaurant (optional, not included in the rate), and then continue back to your hotel.


 Osorno Volcano and Petrohue

The excursion starts from the Puerto Varas Casino, driving along the coastline and then along Route 225 around Lake Llanquihue towards Ensenada. The first stopover scenic point will be at Puerto de Humos.

The next stopover will be at Petrohue white water rapids (ticket is not included). With the company of your tour guide, you will visit the area. After this stop, we will continue to Petrohue for walking around. Then, we will return on the same road to Ensenada and will stop at Laguna Verde (20 minutes). Now inside Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, you will drive up the volcano.

At km 7, you will stop at the La Burbuja crater and enjoy a view of Petrohue River Valley. Continue up the volcano with marvelous panoramic views of Lake Llanquihue. At the end of the road, we will find El Teski refuge where passengers will have time for lunch overlooking a splendid view.

After lunch, passengers will have time at leisure for a walk, photographs, or taking the chair-lifts. Later, return to Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt with a few stopovers on the way for different views of the lake and the sunset.


On this excursion, you will drive through extraordinary scenery, with diverse views of seven different volcanoes and the lakes Llanquihue, Rupanco, and Puyehue. At the same time, admire southern countryside fields and the German influence represented in the architecture of the area with houses built in the early 1900s. You will go for a walk in the national park and finally enjoy a thermal bath with medical mud or in the thermal pool.

Travel along the Pan-American Road to Frutillar Alto, 35 km (22 miles) north of Puerto Varas. From here, you will begin to notice the great German influence in the architecture, agriculture, and cattle breeding in the area while heading to Puerto Octay, a small town dedicated to agricultural activity and heavily influenced by the Germans.

From Puerto Octay, you will drive for other 30 minutes to connect the route to La Hacienda Rupanco. In order to reach Puyehue National Park, you will cross a huge hacienda in which several activities associated with agriculture, cattle breeding, forestry industry, aquaculture, and agrotourism are developed and practiced.

You will drive about 50 minutes inside the hacienda, enjoying the beautiful views of the place. Coming out of the hacienda, you will find a small village called Entrelagos, so-called because of its proximity to Lakes Puyehue and Rupanco. From Entrelagos, you will continue for 30 more minutes to the Hotel Puyehue in the Puyehue Park.

You will end the trip in Aguas Calientes, where you will have access to the thermal pools (ticket not included). There is an informative center providing details about the national park and there is also a 30 minute trekking trail available to visit the rapids of Chanleufu River surrounded by an evergreen rainforest. After lunch (optional), you will have time at leisure for a short walk before returning to your Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt hotel.

 City Tour Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas

You will tour the beautiful town of Puerto Varas, also called the Town of Roses. Here you will drive by some houses built by the German settlers at the beginning of 20th century and drive up Phillipi Hill. You will then continue to Puerto Montt where the architecture, fishing industry, and handicraft market are outstanding. You will stop at a couple of scenic points and Angelmo, a typical place known for its handicrafts and cuisine.

 Petrohue, Lake Todos Los Santos and Peulla

You will navigate the marvelous Lake Todos los Santos, and then visit the Petrohue River white water rapids and Peulla, a small ecological village with 150 inhabitants that is part of the Lake Crossing circuit. After visiting the Petrohue rapids, you will navigate across Lake Todos los Santos for about two hours, going by Osorno, Puntiagudo, and Tronador volcanoes.

You will be driven along the coastline and then along Route 225 bordering Lake Llanquihue towards Ensenada. The first stopover scenic point will be at Petrohue River white water rapids to visit the rapids (ticket not included). Afterward, you will continue to Petrohue to embark on the Lagos Andinos Catamaran or Peulla motorboat. You will navigate across the lake and disembark in Peulla.

Here, you will have time at leisure. You may join optional excursions such as a canopy tour and horseback riding.

Chile Lake District Tours and Excursions

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