Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve , Chile

With its idyllic setting of 9,000 acres of lush terrain and some 13 miles of Pacific coastline in Los Muermos, Chile, Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve is a paradise in Chilean Patagonia.

This natural paradise is the setting for explorations on land or at sea, on foot or horseback, by kayak or boat, with binoculars or snorkels, while providing the creature comforts and exquisite cuisine expected of a five-star resort.

Activities at Mari Mari strike the perfect balance between of nature and cultural-based options. Our expert guides possess a deep knowledge of this unique eco-system and they will be on-hand to discuss all available options and curate the experience that best suits your “nature.”

Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve - Los Muermos, Chile

Whether you are looking to surprise that special someone with a romantic getaway, eager to indulge in a culinary feast until the sun goes down, or simply enjoy a bike ride across the dunes, we are now offering nine specially-tailored arrangements designed to take leisure to a whole new level.

With a strong focus on locally-sourced organic ingredients, the culinary experience at Mari Mari Resort & Spa is a celebration of traditions. The experience is not just about having the right ingredients from the land and the ocean, but also the serene setting, 40 miles of unspoiled Pacific coast, and a team passionate about all things Patagonian that make it truly special.

Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Dining

Join us in the Lodge or watch the sun set over the ocean as our Chefs prepare a private meal within your Oceanfront Residence. Upon arrival, an array of food, drink, and snack items await in your kitchen, creating the ultimate tailored experience. Needless to say, we also stock the very best Chile has to offer in reserve and premium wines.

Observe dolphins and whales in the bay from the look-out tower or perhaps enjoy an invigorating swim under the stars. The 20,000-square-foot Lodge & Spa at The Mari Mari Preserve stands over our main beach, just a few steps away from the Residences.

Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve

It is a special space that provides myriad pleasures and creature comforts with its oceanfront dining room, tranquil seating areas, bar, outdoor pool, and outdoor barbecue area. Your stay at Mari Mari Natural Reserve will be as comfortable as it is adventurous.

Depending on your party’s size, you can choose between private oceanfront villas or reserve an entire master residence for your stay.

Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Villas:

Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Rooms
Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Rooms
Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Rooms
Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Rooms
  • Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Experiences:
  • Mari Mari Hotel and Natural Reserve Experiences
  • Interpretive Hiking
    Mari Mari offers a wide range of coastal and rainforest trails that allow you to explore the diverse areas within our Reserve, each one with its own unique scenery, habitats, and highlights.

    Available daily, these personalized guided activities are designed to stimulate interaction with this pristine environment. Mari Mari’s team of specially-trained guides will share their enthusiasm and deep knowledge of native flora and fauna to create the very best experience the sights and sounds of the Reserve have to offer.

    Each trail within the 9,000-acre terrain is suitable for hikers of all levels, whether half-day or full-day, and the tempo of each one is designed to cater for each the guest. Detailed trail maps make it easy for you to explore the Reserve independently at your own pace.

    Options include The Blue Whale Trail, The Pudu Trail, The Forest Grove Trail, The Galileo Trail, and The Olivillos Trail.

  • Horseback Riding
    Mari Mari’s stables are home to the beautifully-groomed horses that are well-suited for all levels of riding experiences. On each ride you will marvel at the impressive coastline and untouched virgin forest while a naturalist guide highlights the unique vegetation and wildlife species within the Reserve.

    Exploring on horseback is a wonderful way to experience the Reserve, with trails designed to suit riders of all levels.

  • Bird Watching
    Mari Mari’s pristine environment is home to dozens of bird species, some unique and endemic to this part of the world. Qualified naturalists will not only share their enthusiasm for wildlife but will also help you identify the different species by observing them or by listening to their sounds as they sing along with nature.

    With your own check-list booklet you will be able to learn about many of the birds’ local names and the indigenous folk legends they inspired. Field guides, binoculars, and scopes are provided.

  • Photography
    The Reserve boasts an abundance of natural, pristine landscapes as well as an extraordinary array of native flora and fauna. From ancient coastal old-growth to broadleaf temperate forests, this hotspot of biodiversity will give you the opportunity to capture many wonders with your camera.

    Some of the wildlife highlights include the Puma (puma concolor), Pudú (pudu puda), the second smallest deer species in the world, and the Magellanic Woodpecker (campephilus magellanicus) among other endemic species.

  • Penguin, Sea Lion, Dolphin, and Whale Watching
    Few places on this planet offer a more intimate opportunity to witness the magnificence of the most noble of the ocean’s creatures than this section of the Pacific Ocean.

    Depending on weather conditions and the season, we will venture out to visit penguin colonies, crowded sea lion isles, and migratory lanes for the Humpback and Blue whales. Mari Mari’s 35 ft-motor boat offers guests a relaxed and contemplative experience with a respectful approach to the marine wildlife.

    The vessel allows guests to observe the wildlife not only in the utmost comfort but also in safety, with its state-of-the-art positioning and safety technology. Another way of exploring the ocean is by kayak, an exciting way to witness the bio-diversity of the Pacific Ocean while paddling to the Isles of the Reserve for a “sea-level” view of the coastal eco-system.

    We prepare all guests with the appropriate safety equipment, instructions, and an expert guide to ensure that this incredible adventure becomes another unforgettable memory of your experience at Mari Mari.

  • Saltwater Fishing, Surf Fishing, Trolling, and Vertical Jigging
    This area of the South Pacific Ocean is renowned for its abundance of saltwater fish, many of which fall in the category of game species such as the Chilean Sea Bass, Brackish Water Bass, Sierra Mackerel, Bonito, and Salmon.

    At Mari Mari you have the opportunity to practice surf fishing from the shore after the Chilean Sea Bass; a tide runner that feeds on pools near shallow water. If Vertical Jigging is more your game, join us on a deep-sea adventure out on the open water.

    Depending on the season, Bonito and Sierra Mackerel will push your strength and skills to the limits. Catch & Release or Catch & Cook, it's up to you. Executive Chef Daniela Flores will highly appreciate the day’s catch.

  • Understanding Local Culture
    Part of understanding the workings of improved ecology and sustainable development is to learn about the different natural phenomena and how humankind has interacted with and depended on the natural environment.

    The well-prepared team of guides will shed light on local culture, Chile’s ancestral cultures, and how they learned to survive and love this land. Mari Mari works hard to be culturally responsible, be sensitive to local traditions, and be committed to build on the local heritage.

  • Patagonia Culture & Heritage Tours
    Our guests can enjoy in-depth cultural experiences with visits to patrimonial churches, archaeological highlights, and neighbouring communities among others. Each of these activities is designed to offer unique insights into the history and culture of Northern Patagonia.

  • Organic Farm & Culinary Tour
    Organic and culinary tours include visits to Mari Mari’s greenhouse and demonstrations of how local farmers work these fertile grounds. You will have the chance to taste fresh organic fruits and vegetables right from the garden or you can personally choose the ingredients Chef Flores will transform into a culinary delight.

  • Activities for Children
    All activities at Mari Mari are designed for the whole family. While we do not offer child-specific activities at present, our guides and staff will make sure the youngest guests have as much fun as the adults, integrating the everyone regardless of experience levels and age.

    A good example of an interactive and child-friendly activity is a visit to our organic garden, during which the young guests identify plants and herbs and even pick ingredients for dinner. Babysitting and child-care services are available but will depend on availability.


Hotel Mari Mari and Natural Reserve

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